The lack of responsibility is so viral that reaching the "person in charge" of anything is almost impossible.

Ours are times of dark dis-empowerment. The bureaucracy is an impenetrable wall built specifically to avoid giving grips. Think about when you have a problem with some services. You make the call and whoever answers the phone is never the person in charge with whom you can vent your frustration, rather it is a just "shield".

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To call it a Festival doesn't do it any justice, Bliss is its own entity, growing and changing like a wave, always moving.

Bliss Beat Festival will begin the day after tomorrow and our happiness is increasing by the minute.

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Anything we may classify as “real”, more often than not it’s simply the idea that’s been best advertised.

I take inspiration from a great science philosophy book written by Paul Karl Feyerabend (who I believe to be one of the brightest mind in the world) to write a couple of things about learning methods. Science studies, analyses and “understands” reality by separating one event/element from another. Said method totally fakes reality making it the shadow of itself.

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But there is also another portion of people, luckily very small, for which yoga doesn't do them any goodand that perhaps should devote themselves to something else.

I love watching humans interact in an unfamiliar environment.
I love observing the dynamics and the energies that develop between the long-term or short-term guests, the friendships, the kindness and the spirit of mutual protection that are born between most of them.

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When spontaneity is missing, a pattern arises, an obvious effort to look interesting, crushed by the burden of constraint.

The need to be seen, heard and respected seems to go hand in hand with trivial expressivity. Every day I hear hundreds of thousands words though very rarely I hear something worth listening to.

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It's true, here you get the feeling the time slows down to let you breathe, yet it passes so quick that “tomorrow” it will be time to go home and start again.

It’s been a few weeks since I arrived in the earthly heaven called Cascina Bellaria.

Far away from the city frenzy, from the meltdowns of those who fuss about “making it” and the arrogance of those who believe to be on the trail, I find myself immersed in a thoroughly unique space-time bubble. I don’t miss my usual comforts (ok, perhaps I miss my sofa a little), I don’t miss the chaos, I don’t miss the happy hour in the city centre, nor I miss the penetrating and unrepentant pollution.

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In politics those who win are not those who have ideas but the ones focusing on the fear/promise of security

Every day we have new rules, restrictions and prohibitions in the name of peace and security. Music clubs and art galleries close down, crushed by bureaucracy, costs and rules. In the name of safety, it is almost impossible to sell local products because everything has to be packed in a single plastic dose. Every restaurant must have tables and charts on intolerances, contents, cross-contamination procedures.

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Since I understood that blaming others and the world is useless, I feel I enjoy the present more and I am proud to be able to smile even when things don’t go as planned.

I’m at the post office. The usual Thursday afternoon’s post office vibe, with a dozen plus crowd waiting their turn and 5 employees working. It’s hot and air con has not been switched on yet. Two kids run around and a dog wails.
I take the number for the despatch queue (careful not to get another queue number or else!). Two minutes pass, no number is called, no one at the counter. Employees keep their eyes on the computer screen and nothing happens.

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One should not "love" but Be in a sensitive space in which all problems, worries, disagreements may enter without lingering.

It is not always simple: daily life often risks crushing even the noblest of feelings. Digital sociality, which is not very social, takes depth away from everything. Pleasure, pain, enthusiasm, a whole range of feelings are condensed and crushed in an emoticon. Love is not a feeling based on an idea or a model.

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"Untitled", Emanuela Genesio

Sitting is essentially a simplified space, daily life is an endless move. 

It is Charlotte Joko Beck to claim it, in a book that brings a direct voice, without frills, in a zen-flavoured clean black and white.
“Daily Zen” is the most unlikely I have read so far. Maybe that's why I still have not gotten to the last page, even if I've been handling it for many years. A book that denies its writing while respecting it, making it disappear in the moment after the reading.

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