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Testimonials - What others say about us


Stories, snapshots, thoughts told from who lived with us the experience of residential courses, workshops and lessons.

Blessings in form of comments.

Mark - YTT - 2016

I am very open to learning new things and this course did not disappoint. I would recommend this course for anyone wishing to grow and become a better person.
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Student - YTT - 2016

High quality course. Very interesting lectures as well as very good practice of asanas. I'm more than satisfied to attend this course in such a beautiful place. So Grateful.

Student - YTT Costa Rica - 2016

Ying and Yang. Samasati is the perfect spot for the purpose, no distractions and very calming venue.
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Paola - YTT - 2015

Precious people who, thank heavens, had crossed your path, endless spaces, practices, lessons and priceless teachers who bring laughs, great food and wonderful cook ... all this (and much more) is HARI OM.
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Mac - YTT - 2015

A unique and incomparable journey, beyond the normal and the trap of a security zone that we believe is essential or even vital.
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Student - YTT - 2015

The 21 days I spent with Hari-Om yoga school and its instructors changed my life forever.

Ginamaria Trello (Ener-Gina) - 500HR YTT Costa Rica - 2015

She is grateful for the awesome instruction and one-on-one supervision she was given by all her teachers at Hari-Om, which prepared her for journey as a teacher.
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Student - YTT Costa Rica - 2015

I enjoyed Hari-Om’s yoga teacher training. I liked how it taught many different philosophies, basics of different styles, the differences and similarities between them.
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