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Testimonials - What others say about us


Stories, snapshots, thoughts told from who lived with us the experience of residential courses, workshops and lessons.

Blessings in form of comments.

Isanella - Teacher Training Milano

These two years have been an amazing and unique experience. They've been tough and intense as only a journey deep into your soul can be. They've been tiring, sometimes painful, so much to make me think to run away especially because everything around me reminded how yoga is joy, peace and wellbeing. But inside I felt anxiety and conflicting sensations, physical and not, that I couldn't really understand.

Marcella - Residential 200hr 2012

Yoga.. and more
I left my island to go to learn how to be a "good" yoga teacher, and yes, I took home a certificate. I can be a yoga teacher now. For what concerns being a "good" teacher, my path has just started.

Sally Knopp - 500hr residential course in Costa Rica 2013

What a wonderful experience, with wonderful people! The 500hr program was extremely personally challenging, both physically and mentally...but I knew that it was where I was meant to be. In the end, I'm so glad that I was there. You can't help but grow...body, mind and spirit.

Raffaella - Residential 200hr 2012

I came with an open heart but hazy intention. I found a teacher and a staff who could respectfully observe my soul and consolidate my intention.

Sara - Residential 200hr 2012

A part of my heart is still there, where the time stopped for twentyone days. It wasn't only a teacher training course, it was more than that. A big family, new faces, moments of happiness and sometimes a tear. It will be with me forever and closing my eyes I will be there again with you all.
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