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Hari-Om is a laboratory for the development of the physical, mental and spiritual potential of each individual. Through our various activities, ranging from yoga to martial arts, from functional training to ecstatic dance, from visual arts to music and more, we try to contribute. This way contrasts with the current trends toward specialization, but rather gives the individual who approaches our school a sense of completion and integration. Any boundaries and divisions are only the result of ignorance.

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Hari Om is a Yoga School. It's a Yoga School for who chooses to become a Yoga Teacher, for who wants to deepen the knowledge of Yoga and for anyone desiring to learn, practice, understand what Yoga is and to find out more about oneself.

Hari Om is a school of intergral Yoga, thus teaching a kind of Yoga that goes beyond the boundaries of Styles or Traditions. Hari Om proposes the physical approach of Hatha Yoga, the most wide spread nowadays in the Western world, but teaches also Bhakti, Jnan and Karma Yoga, without neglecting the spiritual and philosophical aspects of this millenary discipline.

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Hari Yoga: the yoga style that doesn't exist

Integral Yoga, Tantra, Hatha Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana and Karma Yoga, Meditation, Vinyasa, Zen, Tao, Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda, Vipassana Meditation, Nada Yoga... All this is Hari Yoga and Hari Yoga is much more.

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Marco is the founder and director of Hari Om school. His official profession is farmer, but he is the author of books, articles and other publications.

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This is the bibliography suggested by our teachers.

Naked - a story of yoga, zen and rock'n'roll.
Author: Marco Mandrino.

A personal journey through yoga, zen, music, travel, alcohol, drugs and sex. A book spoken through true life experience on yoga instead of just dead techniques. In his own path, Marco confronts trying to find an answer to many questions and obstacles common to Yoga teachers and those trying to find what we call Truth.

By Daniele Bolelli
"If Tom Robbins was a yoga teacher, he'd write this book."
"Forget spirituality as a practice for pseudo-mystical posers and narcissistic gurus. This is spirituality for those who love sex, rock and roll and life lived with full intensity."

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