Spring Cleaning


Spring is on its way and with it, here come an army of good intentions to face the transition from winter to summer in the best possible way, even if all you want to do is take naps when you’re not going around sporting a big red bulge instead of your nose and teary eyes, thanks to pollen allergies.

So, what’s the best way to prep for the hot season or the season of rebirth as we “yogis” like to call it?  What’s the best yoga practice to follow or the best holistic tips to follow to optimize your transformation from polar bear to a sun-loving lizard ?

For sure, nose-washes using the neti-pot are known to cleanse the nose canals and improve breathing. As well, a yoga practice based on twists, can help get rid of toxins and prepare us for change. Or what about a good old “pancha Karma” preferably experience in India as it is more “spiritual and profound”? Other suggestions involve mediations, pujas’ of various kind, moon practices, sun practices, chakra alignement….

The list is endless and every tip or practice you may fell it’s right for you, go for it and enjoy it. However, rebirth is also about love, so love yourself first and foremost, love the others and enjoy their company of the “REAL PEOPLE”. Spring may be the right time for cleansing but it’s also such a good time to sit outdoor and have a beer with your friends, with your colleagues, or with your family and catch up with what’s going on in each other’s life. It’s the time to go outside for a walk or a run or just to play, it’s the time to stop by the river at sunset and feeling grateful of what you have. As Spring is the time of renewal, renewing our vows to always respect and honour ourselves is far more important than any other ritual we may think is perfect for us.

Miss Divelta