The most beautiful party


Hari-Om is a little bit more than a Yoga school specialized in teacher training, in truth, it’s more like a big, extended tribe , made of individuals connected by a similar and out of the ordinary approach to life in general.

Every year the tribe gather to celebrate; People coming from all over Italy and abroad meet at Cascina Bellaria and give life to Bliss Beat Festival, sharing, for 4 days, lessons, joy, dances, happiness in meeting again, maybe after a long time.  The joyful and carefree atmosphere that you breathe is able to infect anyone, even those who are not Hari-Om students but, driven by curiosity, decide to participate to the Festival.

For those who are not familiar with it, Bliss is a festival of yoga and arts of the movement, it is a festival of music and musical workshops. It is a festival dedicated to creativity and expression. But It's also much more.

In Fact, the most beautiful thing about Bliss is the spirit of sharing that generates between all the participants, the friendships that are formed, the casual encounters that are revealed "enlightening", the stories that are told in confidence when even the last concert of Evening is over and only the moon remains to watch over us.

Anyone who wants to feel free and bring their own energy is always welcomed with open arms.

This year there will be many guest teachers to propose interesting, new, revolutionary lessons; There will still be music laboratories and evening concerts, because music and what music represents, always inspires our school and our thought.

In Short, there will be all the ingredients for a fantastic party, and if you decide to come and visit us, even for just one day of Bliss, you'll live an exciting and memorable experience. We're waiting for You at the most beautiful party!

Bliss Beat Festival July 18th -21st

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