Yoga practice for seniors

Yoga practice for seniors_art.jpg

As we grow older, we progressively lose the ability to concentrate and focus. The body loses its ability to move because the muscles have less tone and the joints become less flexible. The balance becomes more precarious. Psychologically speaking, it is difficult to accept this part of life, because we are no longer able to do what we have always done.

And sometimes this stage in life is spent in solitude.

The practice of yoga helps to age more slowly, through the continuous attention to the body and the breath, thanks to the muscular and articular work that occur in the execution of the asanas.

The balance is trained in every position. The group of practice peers creates a bond that often leads to friendships and pleasant acquaintances.

Becoming yoga teachers prepared to guide a practice for seniors (and often with physical problems) bears great satisfactions. To see a frail and rusty body finding the ability to move again and regaining strength in facing the asanas as well as seeing the smile on people's faces is really a great reward.

Miss Divelta