Transformative Yoga Trainings
for today's People

Our school is not about learning the perfect pose, it’s a life transforming journey!

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The Bellaria Farmhouse was created with the desire and intent of getting together, sharing a lifestyle aligned to the rhythms of Nature and to the Yoga and Ayurveda philosophy.


Welcome to Hari-Yoga

Competence, experience, diversity and passion: it's the perfectly balanced mix of ingredients that we use daily to guide our students in the discovery of the Yoga universe and above all, of their own path as teachers. We are a non-dogmatic lab where different philosophies and styles are given room to develop in new ways of expression. All our courses have worldwide certification with Yoga Alliance.


Our Teachers

Our teachers have extensive knowledge of Yoga history in all its facets, but their mission is to train you to be ready for nowadays and to convey their passion and expertise. Their diversity in style and approach is as enriching as it is refreshing.

Our Concept of Yoga

Our concept mixes different Vinyasa-based yoga styles and other physical disciplines to make you stronger, pushing you out of your comfort zone in order to prepare you for life's inevitable obstacles.

Our School

Our school is not about learning the perfect pose, it’s a life transforming journey. We are a community of open-minded individuals willing to share experiences and information.

Our Heart

Our heart is a beginner's heart (and mind), always curious and open to new perspectives. Humble, compassionate and nimble to nurture and guide you through this journey.



 What a wonderful experience, with wonderful people! The 500hr program was extremely personally challenging, both physically and mentally.


Get Involved

Transforming. Evolving. Improving. If you wish to explore your limits, for a day or longer. If you are attracted by the beauty that comes from Change. If your goal is to free yourself from judgment and bring positive energy to your life. Get in touch. Get involved.



HYS workshops are highly interactive labs where students are encouraged to unleash their creativity and freedom of expression. Each workshop we host goes one-step beyond the expected, often using music as a vessel to reach a higher state of being. Chakras, Sen lines, primal movement, Calistehnics…

Yoga Holidays

Imagine a bubble suspended in the Here and Now, surrounded by nature, crickets performing the magical soundtrack, the moonlight shining its silver light, yoga classes in the morning and in the evening, a swimming pool to cool off, reading under the shade of a tree, indulging in a spa session, being on your own…

Become a Teacher

Teaching is not as dogmatic as some make it to be. It’s indeed a responsibility, first and foremost to yourself. It’s about discovering your potential and transforming your perceptions to then channel them into your teachings. It’s about honouring your values and accepting your limits. Without non-sense and with an open heart...