Giulia Manzato, Hari-om Yoga Teacher

Since her childhood, she has shown great interest in music, rhythm and movement. Her training started with pantomime, theater and ballet but the encounter with contemporary dance has led her to a new way of feeling the body and to being able to express itself through the movement.

She graduated at the Iwanson School for Contemporary Dance in Munich as a professional dancer and dance teacher, and took part in different productions with international choreographers. It was during her dance education that she first met the yoga practice, which led her to work on the movement of her body in a different way, related to the breath, by discovering a new range of colors that she could both use while dancing and practicing yoga. She therefore decided to start her yoga formation by first taking part to a Teacher Training in India, Goa and then continued with Hari Om in Italy.

During the years of education, she has always been fascinated by the various facets that yoga could propose, and she experimented by trying out all that captured her curiosity, from Kundalini to Ashtanga Yoga. She defines yoga as a continuous discovery, a true journey related to dance and movement, a journey through the body and one's own person. She is currently dancer and choreographer of the young dance company In.Da.Co. and teaches in Bolzano in her Yoga Studio Wanderlust - Yoga & Movimento.