Elisa Fantini, Hari-om Yoga Teacher

Elisa Fantini’s yoga journey began in 2004, first as a practitioner, and then as a teacher – she holds a diploma from the Hari-Om School.

Since a very young age she has had an interest in dance in its many facets, from ballet to rhythmic gymnastics and modern dance. This exploration reflects her constant search for the ideal way for the body and inner self to express themselves. But it is only through the encounter with the practice of yoga that her search has found its perfect form.

Elisa has always been guided by a strong interest in human nature, that lies at the centre of her quest. Fascinated by oriental philosophy and western psychology, in 2010 she got a diploma in Yoga Counselling, but she then chose to focus exclusively on yoga, which she found to be her ideal means of establishing contact with people. She was instructed by several teachers in different styles (including Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga). In her more recent explorations, she has begun to complement a Yang practice, more muscular and energetic, with a Yin practice, more subtle and gentle, which she got to know in Sweden, thanks to Biff Mithoefer’s Yin Yoga Teacher Training course.

Research is an essential part of Elisa’s life, and she undertakes it with the curiosity and the playful, childlike enthusiasm of a person who is still eager to explore the world. She finds her greatest joy in moving, dancing barefoot and with her eyes closed, and letting her body speak freely and with energy.

She is currently a member of the Vayu Association of Forlì, where she teaches weekly yoga classes.

It's possible to contact Elisa Fantini either via mail at fantinielisa74@gmail.com, or by phone +39 320 9629364.