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In the past month, I was asked several times what my “staple diet” consists of.

Given that sometimes I just eat what’s available, or that during our concert nights at the Farmhouse I favour a liquid diet based on alcohol, generally speaking, I do not eat too much and, when I can choose, I prefer fruit, vegetables, fish, walnuts, cashew nuts, eggs and occasionally cheese. Consumption of sweets and desserts is extremely limited too.

Again, if I can choose, I rarely eat pasta and even less legumes. Is this diet good for me? I don’t know if it’s good for me, what I know is that I feel good, certainly I feel full of energy, though I don’t care to come up with long term theories or opinions. Is it an ethical diet? I have no idea, I believe that each human being’s life comes with a price in terms of resources for the world and, although I’m pretty sure my life has quite a low impact, it still comes with a price.

Having said that, the point is not so much “what type of diet I follow” but the fact that following a diet has become the real disease of the moment. To those affected by such a psychosis, I’d like to say that spending even only half hour in a bad situation, with someone you’d rather avoid, in some places you don’t like, stuck in a traffic jam while going to work or “on holiday”, perhaps with some pain in the arse telling you what you should eat, or any other similar scenarios, it’s probably more damaging than eating a burger from McDonald (which incidentally probably does not even contain meat and therefore for some it could be considered ethical). My personal suggestion is to stop trying so hard to eat something that’s gonna make you feel good, but simply feel good!

Marco Mandrino