Periods suck… period

Periods suck_period2.jpg

I would like to leave you with some things that I do prior to Aunt Flo showing up in her stupid red lipstick and smug grin.

Ah yes, the (un)timely, consistent monthly visitor that we dread coming to the door every month still comes, whether welcome or not. We have many names for it, which usually consist of something inconspicuous so as to not let outsiders know we’re talking about something so, dare I say, taboo!! Aunt Flo (because a period flo(w)s), is one of my personal favorites.

You’re having a drink outside with friends and you simply say, “Aunt Flo came to visit today,” which usually resounds in an orchestrated, “Oooohhhh man, that sucks.” And it does suck. Even if you don’t have terrible PMS, 
a strong, raging rapid flow, breakouts, or the looooong list of other side effects of a period, it still sucks.

But wait! Aunt Flo might not have to be so vicious as people make her out to be. I mean, maybe she’s actually a nice person.

Personally, I’ve gone through a lot of experimenting when it comes to my own period and the last couple have put the final nail into the coffin of where PMS and all her annoying friends can rot.

I’ll save you the longish story of all the experimenting, but I would like to leave you with some things that I do prior to Aunt Flo showing up in her stupid red lipstick and smug grin, and just some general things I follow that help to minimize and/or reduce the almighty pain of the period. Hopefully it can be helpful for you, too.

The biggest thing and the most significant shift happened when I started eating clean. For me, that means sticking to a whole foods plant-based diet. Eating things fresh, in their whole form that aren’t overcooked, heavily processed, fried, and with heaps of sugar, salt, etc. Basically, I just eat as if I had a fruit and veggie garden in my back yard, with some added grains, legumes, and seeds. I try to drink veggie juice every couple days. I drink water like it’s a competition. Eating a clean, nutrient dense diet has the tendency to create balance all over the body, specifically targeting those rollercoaster hormone rides that we are prone to getting on to. *Note: This is not to say that I don’t indulge once in a while with some goodies, because those chocolate chocolate chip cookies aren’t going to eat themselves.*

Also, I move. This is huge. I noticed that in the past, if I wasn’t exercising at least a week prior, Aunt Flo would break down the door in a fit of rage. I find that any kind of movement works i.e. running/jogging, functional training, yoga (during my period I don’t do any inversions), hiking/walking, swimming, dancing, etc. But curiously enough, moving WHILE having my period was also key. I know the temptation is to just lie in bed moaning and groaning, with all the heat packs, essential oils, and the occasional lower back massage, (if you’ve got an amazing partner); however, may I suggest moving our beautiful asses? Movement and muscle contraction (mainly around the hips and core) actually help with that natural downward flow, getting Aunt Flo out the door a bit faster.

Oh, and as long as we’re talking about something “taboo” I’ll just go ahead and add this bit. Ladies, you know what else produces muscle contractions down there? Yep, no joke. Make it happen.

So here’s to periods! May your next one suck a bit less!

Melissa Lange