YOQI Yoga + Qigong Fusion

JUNE 27th - 30th, 2019

Limited places available!

Cascina Bellaria, Sezzadio (AL), Italy

Led by: Marisa Cranfill

Contents of the seminar

Awakening your internal energy.

Discover the vast power within you by releasing inner blocks and expanding your connection with nature through the energy-based practice of Qigong Flow.
Energy is the vital, vibrating, moving force of nature that directly influences the quality of our health, happiness and aging process. Qigong is the Chinese yogic art of conscious embodiment that honors and nourishes the energy aspect of our being. “Qi” (pronounced chee) means energy and “gong” means skill; qigong teaches us how to know and transform our own energy through direct experience.
In this workshop Marisa will introduce you to the Seven Phases of Qigong Flow through storytelling, theory and plenty of practice. Based on Taoist principles of internal alchemy and Chinese medicine, Qigong Flow is a moving meditation where one movement flows seamlessly into the next. This allows the mind to sink into a state of dynamic relaxation while the body circulates energy. Within the seven phases you will learn how to feel your qi, move your qi and refine your qi through a key energy circuit in the body for promoting both men and women’s longevity, called the Microcosmic Orbit. The weekend will finish with a group healing.


Marisa Cranfill is the founder of YOQI yoga+qigong. She discovered qigong over 20 years ago as a university student of in China. Soon after, she combined qigong with a yoga practice and received amazing results: more sensitivity to energy, deep self-healing and insight. After years of teaching this fusion she now calls the integration of yoga and qigong, YOQI. A global citizen at heart, she  teaches around the world  and currently divides her time between homes in Bangkok, San Diego and Panama.


Different types of accommodations and rates starting from 180 € (including breakfast lunch and dinner):


The retreat starts at 7.00 pm on the first day and it ends at 5.30 pm on the last day.


The workshop's cost is: 180 €