Melissa started practicing Yoga while living in Istanbul, Turkey. At the time, her goal was to increase her flexibility and body weight strength, while healing certain problem areas of her body that resulted from playing elite level collegiate volleyball.

The practice of asana was a gateway to the deeper levels that Yoga penetrates and thus opened Melissa’s curiosity into meditation, pranayama, mind-body connection, and so much more. With her profound and life-changing experience at the Hari-Om teacher training, she realized that not only did she want to deepen her study of Yoga on the mat, but equally important, expand who she was off the mat as well. Melissa is a dedicated student of meditation, pranayama, and alignment-based Hatha Yoga, using it as a guide and influence to bring her focus inward to reveal the hidden and authentic areas of the Self.

Melissa believes that both in life and in our Yoga practice we must be at peace in mind and body, maintaining a meditative calmness, while at the same time being strong, active, and standing up for truth. Her classes reflect this as she aims to lead you through a dynamic and challenging sequence, focusing on alignment to reveal inner strength and energy, and cultivating awareness and control of the breath to keep you clear, present, and focused.

Melissa is also extremely passionate about traveling and seeing the world.

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