Yoga beyond your idea of yoga

A choice of at least 10 Residential Yoga Teacher Trainings 200 and 300 hrs a year in Costa Rica, Italy and Egypt

Yoga beyond your idea of yoga

Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica

Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica

Yoga Teacher Training in Italy

Yoga Teacher Training in Egypt

Yoga Teacher Training in Egypt

Hari-Om: Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica, Italy, Egypt!

Hari-Om is an International School of Yoga and Mixed Martial Arts:
it’s a laboratory aimed at developing human potential by integrating different styles and techniques
with the purpose of encouraging its students to find their own personal journey.

All our courses have worldwide certification with Yoga Alliance.

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Come join our events in Italy and around the World

From 31st March to 2nd April 2018 | Cascina Bellaria | Italy

Begin the day with an energizing practice, enjoy the farmhouse welcoming environment, spend the free time walking and breathing fresh air or you can treat yourself to a Floating Touch massage, yoga technique.

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April 2nd 2018 Ecstasy Workshop
August 24th-30th 2018 Rural Tribe Camp
Cascina Bellaria | Italy

Our method is about getting out of the rigid form and going back to primordial (roots) and spontaneous movements. We are inspired by all forms of spontaneous body movement.

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April 3rd - 9th, 2018 | Cascina Bellaria | Italy

One-week retreat dedicated to intense practice and a carefully planned diet aimed to detoxify the system. It is a week to test oneself and grow stronger. Two days will be dedicated to complete silence.

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