May 30th to June 11th

Guide: Lilli Caporello


For the Hindus, the pilgrimage to Gangotri and the Sources of the Ganges with the trekking to Gaumukh represents the meeting with Mother Divine, in the place where everything begins.

The Ganges, the sacred River of Paradise, is a woman and a mother in Indian cultural background.

A Mother supporting faith and purifying from sins. From a yogic traditional point of view, it is a riverflowing through the human body together with Yamuna and Saraswaty, a river flowing as symbol of Prana, or vital breath, reaching every corner of the intricate net of subtle channels, called Nadis.

Lovers of India and its philosophy know the Himalaya and the Sources of the Ganges belong to that magic, almost dreamlike world, described in partially fantastic, partially realistic literature, touching the mystery enshrouding our entire life and the teachings of many gurus.

What is a Pilgrimage

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A pilgrimage is not a sightseeing tour to search for amenities of a country or of a region. In a tourist package one could expect comfort, a program defined in every detail and the lack of problems. During a pilgrimage all these elements are of secondary importance. A pilgrimage wants to be the possibility to live and breathe places instead of simply visit and see them.

The spirit of a pilgrimage is not the search for exterior beauty, the spirit of a pilgrimage is the gift of touching those places that many consider sacred or pervaded by a deeper hidden beauty, and the surprise of feeling that subtle energy requiring time and interior silence to be really experienced.

A pilgrimage is not necessarily poor of comfort and extremely demanding, but these qualities should always be of little importance. For participants, if comfort and rest come to be part of the tour or not, it should be exactly the same.

A pilgrimage is like our everyday life, when something comes up, it's never an obstacle, it's always a possibility. From an energetic point of view, hitches are life and life is hitches.

The following program will be fully applied or partially applied, depending on weather conditions or any other hitch should lead us to a new direction.


Overnights will be booked at hotels of good level where possible. Delhi and Haridwar hotels can be compared to European good accommodation level. Accommodations in Rishikesh and Utterkashi are going to be spartan, hotels are of lower level than in Dehli, but still medium range, in Gangotri medium level but more austere. In Bhojwasa there are no hotels, overnights are organized in tents for up to 8 persons.

Tents have beds and very thick blankets, obviously they are tents and not hotels. In Bhojwasa, no hot water can be found and having a shower is not going to be possible.


The trekking up to Bhojwasa is pretty long, between 4 and 6 hours, but it isn't difficult. Backpack carriers can support you during the trek.
From Bhojwasa to Gomuk the trek is very easy and short, from Thojwasa to Tapowan it is more demanding, but no particular equipment is necessary, apart from good shoes and good will.


Transfers by private bus hired for the pilgrimage will give us the possibility to rest and relax and to experience bid delays only in case of traffic setbacks.


The tour begins on the 30th of May and it ends on the 11th of June.

The flight is not included into the package price, so that participants can meet in Delhi on the 31st of May or decide for a longer stay. The flight can be booked together with the pilgrimage package. We suggest booking as soon as possible, the later you book, the higher the prices . Price range for this period is between Euro 550 and 750.

Day 1. May 30. Departure from Italy
Day 2. May 31. Arrival to Delhi. Visit to the Hare Krishna temple and night stay in Delhi

Day 3 . June 1. Transfer from Delhi to Rishikesh by bus. In the evening Puja on the Ganges, visit
to some ashrams, dinner and overnight at Rishikesh.

Day 4. June 2. Transfer by bus from Rishikesh to Utterkashi in the early morning, rest of the day in
Uttarkashi, visit to the temple of Vishwanath. Overnight at Utterkashi.

Day 5. June 3. Transfer by bus from Uttarkashi to Gangotri. Visit to the temple of Gangotri with
evening prayer to the Goddess Ganga. Overnight at Gangotri.

Day 6. June 4. After breakfast trekking from Gangotri to Bhojwasa along the rivers of the
Bhagirathi flow (between 4 and 6 hours - easy) Check in at the Guest House and free time to discover the
area and experience the enthralling mountain sunset.

Day 7. June 5. Trekking to Gomuk (less than one hour - easy) and the sources of the Ganges and return to Bhojwasa.

Day 8. June 6. Trekking to Tapowan (between 2 and 3 hours - difficult) and the sources of the Ganges and return to Bhojwasa.

Day 9. June 7. Trekking from Bhojwasa to Gangotri (between 2 and 3 hours) and transfer by bus to
Uttarkashi. Overnight at Uttarkashi.

Day 10. June 8. After breakfast drive to Haridwar to take part to the devotional celebrations on the
river on the Ganges and overnight.

Day 11. June 9. Possibility to take part to the sunrise celebration on the river Ganges, transfer and
overnight in Dehli.

Day 12. June 10. Visit to the biggest mosque in India, Jama Masjid, and to the enthralling Indian
markets. Possibility to spend the day visiting Agra and the Taj Mahal. .

Day 13. June 11. Free day and flight back to Italy during the night.

Price and further details

The price of the pilgrimage is Euro 950€. The package includes overnights and transfers by bus. Food and local transfers are not included. The price of food can vary but it is always very low, with the exception of Dehli, where a dinner can cost up to 10 Euro.

Accomodation is always in a double room with the exception of Bhojwasa where we are going to spend the night in tents for up to 8 persons.
The trip is organized in the period of pilgrimages, for this reason participants should be ready to stay in spartan accommodations.

The package price doesn't includes Indian Visa and flight. You can book the flight and request the Visa by yourself or through the travel agency we work with.

The programme will be fully applied or changed, depending on weather conditions or any other setback.

Tour Guide: Lilli Caporello

The trip counts 25 hours for the 500hr Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Certification.

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