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For teachers and students of all disciplines, who like to encounter the origins of the movement

September 16th -17th, 2017 - Cascina Bellaria

Directed by: Emanuela Genesio and Vanessa Michielon

The spiral is the shape of growth in nature: parts of the flora and fauna, our DNA chain and the galaxies develop through a logarithmic spiral order. Many practices, which insist on the unit of body and mind, return to this form as the movement matrix.

In Yoga, Qigong, visual and performing arts, the golden section, which produces the three-dimensional drawing of the spiral, is the starting point to build a balanced and fluid movement, which can be both safe from the anatomical point of view and responsive to a research that looks at aesthetics as a nourishment for the relationship between the senses and the nervous system.
Similarly, somatic practices, such as Bartenieff Fundamentals, promote spirals, rotatory movements, and swaying figure-8 forms, as paths to full expressivity and interrelation to the inherent three-dimensionality of the world.
The strength of this workshop, thanks to Emanuela and Vanessa’s interdisciplinary backgrounds, lies in the variety and consistency of the proposed instruments. Both yoga teachers, and both active in the performing arts, from these fields they draw methods that refer to aesthetic research and creativity. From the visual arts and somatic-based dance, they adopt an approach, which favours freedom of expression; from yoga and Qigong, a structure to build the path towards self-awareness and a full unity of body and mind.
The contact with the breath is a trusted mean to connect with the nervous system: therefore, within this workshop, the study of the movement is closely linked to Pranayama techniques, which are embedded in classical yoga, Kundalini tradition and Qigong. The use of sound - through ad hoc designed scores or live improvisation -, meditation and imagery experimentation constitute the structure of these two days, which are devoted to the encounter between the senses and intellect.

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spiral5 Teacher's Bio

Emanuela Genesio is a Yoga teacher who graduated with Hari-Om. She teaches in Cherasco (CN) and she is part of the Hari-om Yoga Faculty of Yoga Teachers. Read more

Vanessa Michielon is a Yoga teacher, dance artist and researcher currently based in London. She fell in love with dance and movement at the age of 4 and started training in Ballet and Contemporary dance, attending two Professional courses at Teatro Nuovo Torino and a program in Community Dance (Co.Dance). At the same time she completed a BA and MSc in Media and Cinema Engineering and a PhD in Cultural Heritage, exploring movement-based interfaces and performative approaches in exhibition design.
Sharing her time between researching, dancing and teaching, she took part in performances and projects with international choreographers. In 2014 she moved to UK to attend a MA in Dance Performance at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of London, where she started investigating on the relationships between dance, cognition and consciousness.
After graduating, she got completely hooked on Yoga, realizing she has been exposed to its meditative and physical elements for years without knowing it, as Contemporary dance and Somatic training draw extensively on Yogic wisdom.
She completed her 200hours Teacher Training with Hari Om School in the beginning of 2017, and since then she has been working on transforming all her movement experiences in one integrated teaching style.
Her classes are conceived as an uninterrupted flow of breath, with both attention to safe alignment and free space for playful and creative exploration. She likes encouraging people to become more self-aware and to take informed decisions regarding their own practice, experimenting both with control and surrender, and hopefully bringing these possibilities to their daily life.
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Suitable for teachers and students of interdisciplinary creative practices (dance, performance art, theatre) and oriental disciplines, practitioners in the field of mindfulness and body-mind wellbeing.

The seminar is in double language, both in Italian and English;

Each day offers a theoretical introduction, a series of warm-up exercises and an initial and/or final meditation session;

The days are articulated through Somatics and dance-based sessions, and Qigong and Yoga Kundalini-informed sequences. The direct experimentation of movements and spiral-inspired sequences is complemented with applied didactic moments, in order to learn and teach the proposed method.


From 10am of saturday to 5.00pm of sunday.


2 days of training: 120

The first 4 registrations receive a 30 € discount. (Only one discount at a time will be valid).

The cost of the course needs to be added to the accommodation cost which depends on the room of choice. For more information on rates click here.

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