March 3rd - 9th, 2018 - Samasati

Led by: Emanuela Genesio

Yoga and Art: a common ground
This is an interdisciplinary workshop where yoga and arts are the sources of a creative study and learning method. Asana, meditation, pranayama, mudra, mantra are the main instruments of Yoga, while sounds, visuals, harmonious movements, poetry and, generally speaking, the senses are usually associated with the Arts.

In this mixed-disciplines workshop, these two dimensions will meet in a specific shared point: the threshold where creativity and consciousness arise.

The first 5 registrations will receive a scholarship - U$ 90 off.

5 full scholarships left!


Seven Days for seven Chakras
A chakra a day keeps the doctor away... Seven days is the length of this workshop, seven are the chakras. That’s an auspicious synchronism inviting us to intensively travel inside each one of them, to identify and harmonize their qualities by balancing their potential deficiencies or excesses.
Tantric, Buddhist and Hindu texts consider the Chakras like energy wheels, rotating forces concentrating the essence of life fluxes. By perceiving them, we will dive right into the coincidence between micro and macrocosm, a place where to feel our mutual origin with the universe.

Topics and instruments
Theory and practice go hand in hand. Taking a journey through Yoga history, Kundalini culture and the physiology of the subtle body will allow us to lay the foundations of a solid knowledge (thus being able to both communicate and teach it at the end of the workshop). At the same time, different techniques drawn from different cultures will constitute the ground to practice this knowledge immediately: from Yoga culture to Chinese Qigong, to Phenomenology and Esthetics fields up to Contemporary Art disciplines, we will dive in a rich field-test method.

The interdisciplinary method
While focusing on some traditional instruments like Mantra and Mudra, or Krya sequences and breathing techniques, we will approach some creative methods drawn from Art disciplines: we’ll sound out the senses and the perceptions to free our power of imagination and be inspired by colors, shapes, materials, words and vibration frequencies. We will end each day with a creative exercise dedicated to the day’s chakra using some elements found in the reality around us. The contemplation of nature will often be the starting point for our meditations and, at the same time, an actual pool nurturing our senses.
With this method, students are given the opportunity to train their own individual creativity both intellectually and emotionally.

Materials to take with you
Bring a notebook with you, some pens, pencils or colors, your camera or phone and some of your preferred musical tracks. We may not necessarily use all of them, but they can be useful working instruments.


From 3.00pm of first day to 10.00am of last day.


The training's cost is: U$590
The first 5 registrations
will receive a scholarship - U$ 90 off.

The cost of the course needs to be added to the accommodation cost which depends on the room of choice. Prices are per person.


Triple and Double and Single bungalows are nestled in a lovely tropical garden. All bungalows have one bathroom with hot water and spacious verandas overlooking the jungle and the ocean.

  • Triple occupancy Casita: U$499.80 (6 nights)
  • Double occupancy Casita: U$588.60 (6 nights)
  • Single occupancy Casita: U$902.58 (6 nights)

Guest House

Are located in 2 lodges, the Monkey Lodge and the Namaste House. Each of the four rooms is open onto a spacious veranda with cozy, inviting hammocks. In every house there are 2 bathrooms to share.

  • Double guest house with shared bathroom: U$432.78 (6 nights)
  • Single guest house with shared bathroom: U$573.42 (6 nights)

Please Note: The upgrade from any type of accommodation to a higher category, inplies the payment of the difference in amount related to the entire duration of the course and is subject to availability.

Samasati Nature Retreat's facilities include a large hot tub overlooking the ocean where you can watch the toucans flying though the trees below, a SPA where a wide variety of massage sessions are offered and many trails where you can experience the forest and its magic.


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