July 22nd - 23rd, 2017 - Cascina Bellaria

Directed by: Marco Cananzi

This retreat is designed to help you reconnect or deepen your connection to yourself and with others though a conscious exploration of touch and partner work.

A fun, gentle and safe way to explore how we give and receive, support and lead, how to listen each other, how to explore vulnerability, connection, play, love, touch and trust.

This weekend is designed to meet the needs of those completely new to the practice as well as to inspire those who have already some experience in movement, massage and meditation, providing simple tools to bring with you. We’ll be sharing elements of yoga, contact improv, thai massage, acroyoga.

Building connection through conscious touch and functional movement. Dialogues in shared moments.

acro cananzi2 Teacher's Bio

Every emotion is expressed through movement. The practice of yoga is "a means by which" one can become aware of the movement.

With a Degree and a Master in physical education and Osteopathy. Constant study of the anatomy and function of the human body is the basis of his practice.

Yoga is a way to create awareness and rebalance the body. Posture is the result of the dialogue between the internal systems external to the individual. Improved communication fosters awareness and self-regulation. He like to enhance the individual's resources to stimulate their individual evolution.

In his every day life, when he is not treating and helping people regaining their balance, he enjoys exploring the application of balance and conscious movement through the practice of Acrobatics, Hand Balancing and Aerial Trapeze.

He holds regular Handstand, Yoga and AcroYoga Classes, and started to co-facilitate workshops at Acrobatic Yoga Conventions on a national and international level.


Saturday July 22nd
  • Energy flow (contact improv)
  • Acro calibration partner
  • Acro and Balance ( acroYoga Partner)
  • Lunar practice (thai massage- flying massage)
Sunday July 23rd
  • Vinyasa to handstand
  • Team working Acro Flow
  • Fly like a star
  • Thai massage


Saturday: 10.30am - 7.30pm
Sunday: 10.30am - 4.30pm


2 days of training: 75

1 day (saturday or sunday) of training: 50 €

The cost of the course needs to be added to the accommodation cost which depends on the room of choice. For more information on rates click here.

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