July 23th - 24th 2016 - Cascina Bellaria

Directed by: Emanuela Genesio

When you are present, you can feel a state of creativity, discipline and freedom completely balanced. Equally, when a work of art runs well (poetry, images, music or dance), it produces an energy that nourishes mind and body, and generates a state of grace.

The relationship between senses and intellect is the field of art, the core of intuition and control, expression and project. And yoga? The balance between body and mind is one of the basis of this ancient discipline, a gift that it can offer us every day. Starting from this analogy, in this workshop we will unify actions of dance and body expression, practices of painted and written signs to asana, mudra and meditation, by letting our creativity open up.

Opportunity to stay in Cascina Bellaria. For more information on rates click here.

What should the student bring?

Bring with you a sketch book and any instrument to draw or paint you like.


Saturday morning
10.30-12.30 Practice of meditation, asana and mudra to arise insightfulness and creativity
Saturday afternoon
14.30-17.30 Understanding music (rhythmic and melody structure), practice of dance and body expression
Sunday morning
10.30-11 Guided meditation to awake the energy of the second and the fifth chakras
11-12.30 Signs alive, practice of Indian ink, asana and mudra
Sunday afternoon
14.30-16.30 Final work on body expression, music and dance with choreography
16.30-17 Meditation to balance the chakras


Two days: 100 €

One day: 70 €

This workshop values 6 hours for the 300hr Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Certification.

Look the seminar's video on July 23th - 24th 2016

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