August, 13-14, 2016 at Cascina Bellaria, Sezzadio (AL) (Italy) - English and Italian

Teacher: Marco Fasanotti

In these two days of work dedicated to Tai Chi, we will approach deeply into the basic principles of this discipline.

Why Tai Chi?
There are two millennial cultures that have come down to us moderately intact with their culture, their customs and socio political differences : India and Cina. Both see as main theme, the perennial quest for union from single energy with the earth and the universe energy, through practices that may look different on the outside but instead are simply different branches of the same suit and the same tree. It is therefore essential to open the knowledge and broaden our ability to dialogue with the universe.

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi reflects the history and culture of China, from its beginnings to the present day, through constant and unchanged search for connection and use of the energies of man to those of creation. The origins are lost in the mists of time but the practice has come down to us intact through the ages and is based on a sequence of dynamic movements that combine flexibility with firmness, the speed with slowness, meditation with the action ,a natural balance that reflects the principles of Taoist philosophy of Yin and Yang, from "Yijing" (The Book of Changes.). Its structure consists of slow and fast movements, spirals, twists, energizing movements characteristic called "Silk reeling", jumps, pushups and explosive releases of energy. During the practice the body remains relaxed in the knowledge that the breath and the movement are in close symbiosis and free. These features, unique in their kind, bring enormous health benefits, for our state of physical and mental wellbeing .

What is Tai Chi Chen style?

The Chen style was created in the village of Chenjiagou in Wenxian County, Henan Province, China, during the last Ming Dynasty, about 400 years ago, by the Member of the ninth generation Chen Family, General Chen Wangtin. At the end of a decorated military career, General Chen retired to the village of Chenjiagou where he began to create and develop the basis of a martial art "internal" that incorporated the wisdom of the ancient Taoist philosophy of Yin and Yang, with special breathing techniques and a deep understanding of the principles used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for the study of the use of the internal energy meridians (jingluo) .The result was a internal martial art such an intrinsic power that the principles were transmitted from master to student in great secrecy and they remained hid and protected for at least 300 years within the village.

Schedule, costs and accommodation

In these two days of work dedicated to Tai Chi we will approach deeply to the basic principles of this discipline:

  • Physical preparation based on CTM
  • Exercices "Silk Reeling”
  • Bases of Chinese's Tai chi movements
  • Basic p sitions of Chen style Tai Chi
  • Approach to “11 short form”
  • Meditation
  • Breath

The retreat starts at 10.30am on August 13th and finishes at 5pm on August 14th.

The cost is 90 €.

The retreat values 12 hours for the 300hr certification.

The cost of the course needs to be added to the accommodation cost which depends on the room of choice. For more information on rates click here.


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