September 06th-07th - Cascina Bellaria, Italy. This workshops is part of the Yoga Together 2014

with Silvia Nicodano

The Healing of our body mind and the call to realize the goal of one's life are two intrinsically linked realities, which dialogue and influence each other in daily life and in daily practice.

Being a yogi and a yogini in a sincere search for a deep meaning and true happiness means perceiving the union between every manifestation of the spiritual path. We are suffering and awakening together. We are living and practicing in the same moment. We are cuddled and challenged by life in the same day. We are protected and in contact with what is bigger than us in the same second.

Sadhana, or better life, is coming into contact with its different energies, the different Shaktis, which grant true healing and lead to true understanding of how life talks to us, giving us hints, signs, messages through health, awakening, illness, pain and joy. As every nuance is Shakti. And through the different Shaktis, we can reach the Truest Shakti, and perceive its Conscious Bliss and Divine Love.


On Saturday information about yoga chikista will be given in the morning and in the afternoon, followed by an practice of two hours.
On Sunday, 10.30 meditation and single sessions till 2pm.


Saturday From 10.30 a.m to 7.30 p.m.
Sunday till 2pm.


€ 50 workshop

€ 50 single sessions

The workshops grants 8 hours for the 500hr teacher training certification.



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