From August 15th to 16th 2015 - Cascina Bellaria, Italy.

This workshops is part of the Yoga Together 2015

with Emanuela Genesio

Being insightful/ staying there/ chance and discipline as sounds to listen
Eyes, body, hands as movements to trace/ insight and outside

Have you ever felt or perceived that a poem, an image, and a sound are part of the same nature, the "raw materials" of breathing? And that while breathing you get to a point where creativity, rationality and freedom nourish themselves until they constitute the energy of the movement?

The relationship between senses and the mind has always been the field of art, fulcrum and intersection of intuition and discipline, expression and projection. From a time when early man traced the movement of his hand (his painterly creations) on a grotto, to the current high-tech devices of the contemporary visual artists, art has always been a display of energy, developed here and now.

Today it's a versatile and adaptable concept, where laity and non dogmatic spirituality, let the observer be conscious of his living-being.

In the wake of this insight, we'll attempt in coming close to the experience of the perceptible in a full accord with body and mind. By using Indian ink and other materials; meditating into and with nature; listening to instrumental or natural sounds; contemplating some ancient or contemporary Western or oriental works of art; and practicing Asana and Tai-chi movements, we'll delve deeper into Zen aesthetics by respecting our present moment. This is a journey in which we 'go and stay', walking inside an energy in light and dense tides, which is defined by numerous cultures, religions and thoughts under different names.


This workshop is a mix of theory and practice. The core of the theory is focussed on the relationship between Visual Arts and Zen, and also on the value of the "experience and perception" in contemporary art (performance and installation). The practice of Asana and Pranayama, some Tai Chi passages, the meditation (guided and walking meditation, with sounds and visualisations) together with the Indian ink practice (precise and specific exercises to help concentration and inspiration) constitute the direct application of the theory (indeed, the practice is the theory in Zen!). In particular, some different sessions articulate the Indian ink practice: etches, enso traces, live drawings, until abstract improvisations on chakra themes.

Memo: if you know that the sitting position is demanding for you, please bring a support (a low table, a case...). If you have your instruments, take them with you, although you’ll have the opportunity to use the material of the school.


Saturday: 10.30 am - 5.00 pm
Sunday: 10.30 am - 4.30 pm


90€ for two days

55€ for one day (saturday or sunday)

80€ for those who participate at Yoga Together 2015

Pricing includes the seminar and the materials (ink, paper, brushes). The seminar is part of "Yoga Together 2015": click here for more information about accommodation costs at the Cascina Bellaria.

Values 10 hours for YA 500 hrs.

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