23rd August 2013 - Cascina Bellaria

By: Mariano Fabbrolati

Seminar Contents

The Gong is one of the oldest instruments made by the man. Since ancient times, its sound has also had "healing" use.


The "Gong bath" consists of a relaxation session accompanied by a sound massage.

The sound of the Gong gets into the body, massaging each cell, regulating brain waves and leading to a deep meditative state.

The vibrations of the Gong, beside being audible, can be perceived throughout the whole body: tissues, fluids and brain waves echo with the energy produced by the sound of the instrument.

The Gong rebalances the physical energetic emotional spiritual body.


5 euro , free for participants to Yoga Together 2013.

Pricing just includes the seminar. The seminar is part of "Yoga Together 2013": click here for more information about accomodation costs at the Cascina Bellaria.

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