August 1st-3rd  - Cascina Bellaria, Italy. This workshops is part of the Yoga Together 2014

Directed by Davide Giansoldati, Laughter Yoga teacher.

Everyone can benefit from practising Laughter Yoga, by bringing more joy, lightness and positivity to his own life:  Yoga Teachers, yoga students, healthcare assistants, educators, coaches and athletic trainers, therapists.

During the course, the participants will learn how to lead a basic stretching, breathing techniques, exercises to stimulate laughter, advices to improve their grounding and indications to sustain their awareness.

At the end of the workshop, the participants will be able to lead Laughter Yoga sessions, to open a Laughter Yoga Club, to suggest this discipline in business world and to learn the basics to create their own workshops and events. 

How the Workshop is going to be structured?

During the workshop will be shown and taught:

  • Laughter stimulation techniques
  • Yoga stretching,  breathing and relaxing techniques; 
  • Laughter techniques to remove inhibitions and to gain more self-esteem;  
  • Laughter meditation;
  • Grounding and rooting techniques;
  • Guidelines to start and manage a Laughter Club;
  • Guidelines  for the YDR profession: marketing, promotion, presentation, advices, ideas.

At the end of the workshop will be released the Laughter Yoga Leader International Certification, recognized by Kataria School Of Laughter Yoga© and all over the world, and the Laughter Yoga official manual.

Workshop Program to become Laughter Yoga Leader 

First day 

Participants registration and welcome;

Laughter Yoga: origin, principles, basic concepts. The four pillars of every session: stretching, breathing, mantra, laughter exercises. One Laughter Yoga session example. Laughter meditation 

End of the first day 

Second day 

Pranayama, meditation and yoga (curated by Marco Mandrino)

Team Building exercises; practice’s advantages, benefits and  precautions. Complete structure of a Laughter yoga session. The five points Laughter yoga. The three reasons for Laughter yoga. Grounding and presence. How to laugh alone and cultivate interior smile. How to creat a Laughter Club. Laughter session. Grounding Dance. Yoga Dance (curated by Marco Mandrino). End of the second day 

Third day

Pranayama, meditation adn yoga (curated by Marco Mandrino)

Feedback  about the second day. Team Building exercises. Laughter session. Laughter meditation. How to realize a Laughter session in working environment. Relaxation

How to realize a Laughter session  with children, old people and so on. World peace  through laughter. International organization. How to organize public presentations. Laughter session. Laughter meditation. Grounding Dance. Certification Delivery Ceremony. Closing exercises session 


  • € 230 workshop full price;
  • € 200 price for who attends Yoga Together;
  • € 100 price for who is already Laughter Yoga Leader and wants to retake training;
  • € 5 price for who wants to attend evening session only.

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