Held by: Kristen Eykel


Pregnancy doesn't only involve the birth of a new child, it means the birth of a new way of living. Through the yoga practice Kristen will lead the expectant mothers to an internal trip, all the way through hopes, joys, but also fears and the struggles of their lives to reach and discover their very own strength and dimension.


With breathing, meditation and poses, the participants will open to the experience of pregnancy and how this will enrich their souls, letting their potentials grow.

The workshop

The participants to this workshop will learn how to reinforce their body with Asanas that better fit women during pregnancy and which Asanas need to be avoided. Kristen will lead the moms-to-be through meditation visualizations till the deep connection with breath and spirit.

She will teach how yoga and meditation can walk together with the pregnant woman during her path to labor and help her to keep away fear and pain.

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