August 4-5th 2012 - Cascina Bellaria, Italy. This Workshop is a part of Yoga Together 2012.

Creativity from photography and harmony from yoga join in a human-friendly environment for a total-relax experience.

With Luca Toffolon e Alice Pellegatta.

Practical stage: Theory and Pratice of the basis of photography, for a conscious use of the camera, through examples, day-and-night pratical exercises and photo sharing.


Two days could be enough to discover your own talent: once you have learnt how to set the camera, all you have to do is just to let it be. We will have the opportunity to experiment, to challenge ourselves, to compare and to share. All you need is the will to experiment and to welcome the possibility of a new look on reality.  By the way, the camera is nothig but another eye.


Light is the basis for everithing: the sun gives us the day timing, warms the heart, dryes the earth, makes tint… and lets the “photographic eye” sculpt moments on a sensitive film. This is what camera does.

To avoid the moment running away, it is necessary to know hot to set this “eye”: learning how to use the shutter, aperture and iso values, the rule of thirds, the golden rule, positioning of main and secondary subjects and the differences between day and night, etc... will enable us to catch it.

Through basical settings, some rules, some tricks, a new sensitivity and many experiments, we will finally be able to shoot what we actually see and what we want to keep.


The whole workshop will take two days, from morning to evening, in respect of the yoga classes scheduled by the program.

The introduction, part of the exercises  and photo sharing will take place near Cascina Bellaria.

Moreover, we will spend the second day in an ancient village. This way, different subjects and situations can be shot thus enjoing the possibility to experiment.


The two-days photograpy workshop costs 90 euros. One day costs 50 euros.

The camera is not provided by the staff.

Even if a reflex camera gives more learning chances, it is not mandatorily required. (Exercise will be executable – and enjoiable - even with a compact camera).

More info at: Luca Tel: 349-8110682 Mail:

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