August 24th-25th - Cascina Bellaria, Italy. This Workshop is part of Yoga Together 2013.

Hari-Yoga: Chakra and Tantra Yoga

With Rosalba Piarulli and Marco Mandrino.


Discover the seven chakra, where they are in the body, the symbolism, the relationship with the elements of the nature, their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual function, the relationship between chakra and endocrine glands and nerve ganglia.

Find out eventual dysfunctions and discover how to use asana, breath, mantra, sentences, visualization techinques and meditation, and rituals to riarmonize each chakra.

The workshop begins with a Yoga Asana session that includes Pranayama techniques and a Kriya Yoga Technique (meditation) for Chakra.

Following, the theorical part of the workshop, with Kriya Yoga Techniques and, sometimes, Pranayama techniques, in order to feel always in the body what we are talking about.


Schedule: from 10:30 on saturday to 17:30 on sunday



For people who attend Yoga Together 2013: 80,00 € for the two days.

For people who attend just this workshop: 120,00 € for the two days.

The costs just include the seminar. For information about accomodation, click here.


Values 16 hrs for YA 500 hrs

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