March 10th e 11th 2012 - Zurigo with Marco Mandrino + DJ Ya2

Shakti Groove is ....

... a new insight into Hatha Yoga, a way to enhance the traditional static asana approach into a dynamic, enthralling moving meditation based on a Vinyasa practice supported by live music.

Starting with a vigorous asana practice on the flow of breathing, going through the all-involving attempt to reach difficult postures and the funny feeling of overcoming limiting beliefs, the class goes on becoming a celebrating dance and an on-going dialogue between body and sound.

In the second part, Pranayama and concentration and meditation techniques let students of all levels reach their inner self and flow spontaneously into interiorization, feeling the effect of the meditative dance and the stimulation of the energy reached through easy ways like sound and music.

Techno music during the first dynamic part, slow and lounge music to flow into one's inner nature in the second part, but also electronic music, acoustic and reggae sounds, hot rhythms and selected chill out touches. The seminar aims to stimulate our own energy to come in contact with it in an easy and funny way and be able to offer it through meditation.

The central focus of the yoga practice remains the core of the seminar: being completely in the Moment and experience a mean to transfer this attitude of on-going presence into every day life. Letting oneself be completely carried away by music, letting our own inner dance come out, being completed absorbed by music and movement is a trip into the most deep meditation. With the possibility to keep it in our heart and expand it to our life.

Free entrance as included in the package.

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