To the Spring

April 20th - 22nd, 2019

Cascina Bellaria, Sezzadio (AL), Italy

Led by: Emanuela Genesio, Marco Mandrino, Emanuela Boriotti

Contents of the seminar

Springtime blossoms with colours, scents and feelings. The 4 workshops, 2 led by Emanuela Genesio and 2 by Marco Mandrino and Emanuela Boriotti, offer diverse ways of exploring these feelings through dynamic meditation. Diversity that shifts from the intimate, delicate to the explosive, and chaotic.

Session 1 & Session 2: Emanuela will lead two interdisciplinary workshops of Qigong and Yoga, that are useful to discover the elements featuring the season of beginning. Carefully selected tracks will be the basis for movement and breathing by inspiring visions of rebirth and of the future life force (from the timeless Vivaldi’s masterpiece Primavera, to the contemporary and dark Darkwood by Darling, up to the mixed-culture project Passion by Peter Gabriel). Immersed in the natural environment of Cascina Bellaria, using the unique Qi Yoga Sound method, Emanuela invites to follow the instinct of rebirth that Springtime carries forward.

A Wooded Renaissance

Session 1 - Saturday 20th April, 5.30 - 7.30 pm
Led by: Emanuela Genesio

Vasanta is the Sanskrit word for Springtime, the “bright” season, as yellow as the first sun showing up after winter, as freshly unripe as the green grass appearing through the soil. In A Wooded Renaissance, Emanuela will lead a practice featuring lots of twists and inversions, with the idea of tune body and mind to rebirth.

Spring Movement Meditation

Session 2 - Sunday 21 April, 08.00 - 10.00 am
Led by: Emanuela Genesio

Spring Movement Meditation is an intense dynamic meditation with pranayama, starting with Osho’s ecstatic dance, that will focus on sequences for the liver and the wood element ,inspired by QiGong, ending with a guided visualization on the change that lives with us.

Ecstatic Drunk Meditation

Session 3 - Sunday 21st April, 5.30 - 7.30 pm
Led by: Marco Mandrino, Emanuela Boriotti

This is an event for beer and music lovers. It consists of a guided beer tasting of 4 different brews combined with 4 ecstatic dance sessions featuring different music genres, ranging from Reggae to Indie Rock and Punk which culminate in a final and lysergic Gong bath. No experience required apart from the ability of feeling pleasure.

Blind Yin Yoga & Sound

Session 4 - Monday 22nd April, 08.00 - 10.00 am
Led by: Marco Mandrino, Emanuela Boriotti

Yoga practice in Yin mood, blindfolded and featuring music played with Percussion, Tibetan Bells, Gong and other instruments. An inner journey to rebirth and rejuvenation in which the partial deprivation of senses is intended to enhance perception.


The workshop's cost is: 20 €
The price for attending all 4 workshops is 60 €

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