Tiziano Dimattia, Hari-om Yoga Teacher

Tiziano Dimattia is a Hari-Om teacher as well as affialte of the school. He's also certified MovNat instructor.

Driven by the need to strengthen the body and calm the mind, Tiziano has faced the practice of yoga and Muay Thai, without knowing that soon he would find himself dependent on the movement in all its forms. With Yoga it was immediately love, given by the pleasure of finding improvements, initially on a physical and motor level, then on an inner level, and with time the discovery of a space of free expression of the deepest self. Shortly thereafter he decided to undertake the training taught with the Hari-Om school, sharing and fully recognizing his integral, non-dogmatic and multidisciplinary approach.

Passionate about free body training and driven by a constant thirst for movement, he discovered the world of MovNat, a discipline that revolutionized his idea of movement and made him rediscover the pleasure and benefits of contact with nature. Following an injury, he decided to leave the regular practice of Muay Thai, but it was an opportunity to experiment with the psychophysical aspects of yogic practice and MovNat on his skin.

Joviality and discipline its strengths, but not an obsessive discipline but rather a discipline born of passion and leads to pleasure.
Constantly looking for fluidity and harmony in movement, he loves getting lost in that moment when the body moves freely in a light way, creating a continuous motion guided by the breath, in which time seems to slow down and the space expands.
Currently, Tiziano manages the Sankalpa Yoga Studio and teaches MovNat in Castellana Grotte (Apulia).