Stories, snapshots, thoughts told by those who lived with us the experience of residential courses, workshops and lessons. Blessings in the shape of comments.

Silvia Lombardi - Yoga Alliance Website - 2017

Hari-om is a school that let you face your own limit and go over them. I loved it!

Elena Bazzana - Yoga Alliance Website - 2017

A lot of strong, wonderful practice with very good teachers (each one with a specific attitude and style). They encourage you to find your own path.

Renske Meijer - Yoga Alliance Website - 2017

This is a solid education. Both in theory as in a physical and mental way this education prepares you in a good way to become a great teacher. The open vision of the school ( mix of yoga, physical training and different philosophies give you the chance to discover what style and approach fits you best.

Aisling - YTT Costa Rica - 2016

For Hari-Om Teacher Training: exceptional teachers whose passion had no limits and have instilled their passion in me, thank you! (I love the asana practice so much and the content of classes).

Niki - YTT Costa Rica - 2016

Love love love the location for YTT, the sounds of the jungle really add to the experience. Amazing instructors, great classes and knowledge. Thanks.

Latarria - YTT Costa Rica - 2016

There isn’t really enough room for me to articulate fully with words what it is I’ve felt and experienced during the course of these three weeks. What an incredible experience with knowledgeable and relatable teachers. You guys really showed up and showed out. Thank you Jun, Max and Hari-Om for the opportunity to deepen my practice, learn, grow and evolve in such a short amount of time. I will forever have your voices in my head cheering me on. Continue to do the good work, sharing and being the beautiful souls that you are. Thank You.

Luman - YTT Costa Rica - 2016

I cannot imagine a more professional YTT course. I felt it was incredibly well planned and carried through with two great teachers, Max and Jun, in a very impressive manner. I’m so content and happy with this experience and would recommend it to anyone who is serious about wanting a truly professional YTT. Thank you Jun and Max.

Michael - YTT Costa Rica - 2016

Amazing training! Max and Jun were both excellent! I loved the lectures + the classes. The only thing I would recommend is a bit more down time to digest the info, including preparing for the written test of course, this would probably result in needing an extra day which add to cost, but I think it would be useful! Overall, GREAT! Exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend this training!

Leticia - YTT Costa Rica - 2016

Love it all! I was always ready to do the classes, sometimes with lot of energy and sweaty and others to restore and calm down; Max’s classes with his humor was very nice, as well many classes with Jun to work on our strength(shoulders). Lectures were also knowledgeable and inspiring. Thank you!!

Student - YTT Costa Rica - 2016

Hari-Om = Incredible! Jun + Max, your passion + knowledge shows in everything you do, I feel truly blessed to have been taught by you. I enjoyed every class + every conversation shared. You are both amazing teachers + people. I honestly wish every person I know could experience this course!

Daniela - YTT Costa Rica - 2016

Thank you guys for this opportunity, it was a journey and definitely a challenging one in the best sense of the word. The lectures were extremely interesting and stimulating, the asana practices were varied and enjoyable, not a dull moment there. Max and Jun are wonderful instructors, very attentive and descriptive, in both lectures and practices, thank you both. I will comment on one thing now although I could have been more verbal then, I didn’t want to come off aggressive. In some of the teaching portions of the students, I didn’t feel as if I got back enough feed-back, precisely after the first practice(then I got good bullet point to work on), but thereafter, not much other. Then the same points told to other students, and definitely not enough positive encouragement after the one ‘good’ and the rest were ‘so’ or ‘next up’, so I didn’t really know what to work on in my personal practice and I was attentive that there was much more pointers or encouragements to other students; not a complain, just something I wanted to bring to your attention since it was kind of frustrating not having what my personal teaching should improve on. I will say on the last teaching portion Max gave me more to go off so I thank him for that.

Student - 2016

Consistency. Seriousness. Professionalism. A severe but serene atmosphere. Excellent.

Student - YTT in Italy - 2016

The yoga teacher training is well structured, and the subjects are clearly explained leaving the desire to deepen the topics individually. The lectures are interesting, with different insights that give a 360° view. And that goes far beyond yoga making you an open-minded teachers! Thank you, I would do it all over again!!

Student - 2016

Excellent, I would definitely recommend it to those who want to deepen yoga.

Student - 2016

Very nice people, a good organization, a great place and great food! Thank you all again.

Student - YTT in Italy - 2016

...A unique experience... intense and exciting... every day was a great opportunity to learn, get involved and trying to give the best! I loved the fact that it is a personal work and that the tutors were only there to show us what they were... normal people with special talents, who never have conditioned us or led us to do something ... it was our personal effort. In my experience, the place, the rhythms and activities have helped me to do a job on myself. The quality has been high from the first to the last second. Thank you all.

Ellen - YTT in Italy - 2016

It's been a life-learning experience! 3 weeks filled with challenge, new knowledge and fun! Mille grazie.

Student - YTT in Italy - 2016

The course was nourishing, despite it being very intense and rich in content. A unique experience that challenged me and helped me to find out what is my way as a teacher. I'm really super satisfied! I very much enjoyed the variety of practices that have been proposed and the possibility to have several different teachers. The theory clearly explained. The location and the organization have been always at the top :)

Student - YTT in Italy - 2016

Lovely place, almost magical, where you can meet very kind and professional teachers. Compared to other popular teacher trainings I previously attended, this is by far the most comprehensive, as every aspect of yoga has been deepened, giving each student the opportunity to find one’s personality and teaching style.

Student - YTT in Italy - 2016

This course gave me strong emotions, has led me to confront my strengths and my weaknesses. I even discovered a side of me that I did not know. I feel fragile, but strengthened at the same time and I am certain to find the part of me that cannot emerge. All this has been possible thanks to the wonderful teachers who devote themselves completely... Some of them more with the body... other more the soul???????? Anyway, everyone communicate personal experiences and emotions with gentleness and force, and all the teachers give you the enthusiasm you need to continue this path and once you leave Cascina Bellaria. Having the awareness that you will not lose the beauty within each of us. We just have to look inside, 'cause it's always been there, we simply need to take it out. That's what I learned in this training and it' just great! Many thanks to Marco M., Elisa, Manuela, Max.M, Max.R. ????????????. ❤️You all!

Paola - YTT in Italy - 2016

HARI OM is a school of Life and Experience. You practice with teachers with an invaluable preparation in a fantastic setting. You eat good and healthy food, you can dance and have fun. You can be yourself at Hari Om. I could not imagine a better school! Paola

Student - YTT in Italy - 2016

It’s a positive course. I felt good and gained a lot of useful information to conduct a lesson.

Student - YTT in Italy - 2016

A deep, full course that gives the real possibility to create an unconditional acknowledgment of yoga, providing all the tools needed to transmit and share.

Student - YTT in Italy - 2016

This experience has given me so much. In particular, it gave me the enthusiasm to try and look my way inside and outside of me. What to add? Thank you.

Student - YTT in Italy - 2016

I'm very glad I took this important path with Hari-om; It is exactly what I expected, maybe even better. Apart the pure technical matters and style, what struck me most was the feeling to be part of a family, the humility and extraordinary capacity of each teacher to share a small part of one's own path. No dogma, only the desire to grow and enrich each other. Absolutely special.

Student - YTT in Italy - 2016

I just finished the first year of the yoga teacher training. I found every lesson and every practice have been an enriching and learning opportunity. The final retreat at Cascina Bellaria has strengthened the belief of having chosen the right path. I think the greatest strength of Hari-om yoga school is to offer expertise, variety, comparison, and opennes to all and to all forms that yoga can take.

Student - YTT in Italy - 2016

A fantastic experience that takes you out of your comfort zone to start an unforgettable experience. The course encompasses yoga to 360 degrees without losing anything, and adding some extras. The teacher training retreat is a totally unique experience, hard but unique.

Student - YTT in Italy - 2016

A very interesting course for the theory. I would have devoted more time to practice, but still very satisfied with the lessons!

Student - YTT in Italy - 2016

The Hari-Om yoga teacher training lived up to my expectations. The teachers are very competent, always available and ready to teach with a smile. Not just a school, but rather a way of life. Namastè.

Mauro - YTT in Italy - 2016

The choice to start a yoga teacher training with Hari-om was one of the best I've ever done. The open and non-dogmatic approach, the interconnection with other disciplines and with martial arts is what enriches you more and allows to evolve. It leaves you a lot and continuous inputs so that you can continue to deepen your personal research. The path is tranfomative and as the training progresses ideas are clearer and you feel more “rich”. The teachers I have met and known transmit this approach and you discover they are true masters as well as friends. The classmates are special people, they accept you without judgment as you express your true nature freely. The mental and physical effort is important, but all the love and dedication are just a small part of what you have back. You will never lose it. 

Student - YTT in Italy - 2016

The message I got from Hari-om yoga school and the workshop is a strong sense of belonging and at the same time of absolute independence. These directions are expressed very well and very well received, leaving the freedom and confidence to develop at one’s pace. Philosophy, an approach to life very respecful for life and human dignity. Happy to be part of it...

Student - YTT in Italy - 2016

The course was a beautiful personal journey. Very nice relationship that has been created with the teachers. After only a few hours, it seems we have known each other for a very long time. Although the practice is pretty tough, it never ends with at least a good laugh. Perhaps to defuse the effort .... but all the wonderful teachers have been able to bring out the best in each of us. All our materials "theoretical" has been taught in a nice and effective way. Obviously, given the short time available, each topic was introduced and we were given all the tools to be able to deepen the study individually. Now the first part has been accomplished, it is to us to continue our studies at home and continue the daily practice, the only way to really bring yoga within us.

Student - YTT - 2016

High quality course. Very interesting lectures as well as very good practice of asanas. I'm more than satisfied to attend this course in such a beautiful place. So Grateful.

Student - YTT Costa Rica - 2016

I thought the school as a whole was great!

Student - YTT - 2016

I really enjoy the experience and the knowledge I learned with you all. It was first step for me to keep me interested and want to learn more about Yoga and meditation and always challenge ourselves. I appreciate a lot the way to teach and show a neutral position of what yoga ist.

Student - 2016

I love the Hari-Om School of Yoga. I really like how we were taught about many different styles, and the information was given to us in a relatively unbiased way.

I thought it was great that we were introduced to various asana and pranayama practices, and that with our certificate we can go on and expand our asana practice and knowledge by studying specific types of asana practices. Really, really pleased this is where I "ended up"!

Student - 2016

The school is magical. The intense energy of the place makes the stay unique. The courses are intense in theory, in practice and in their essence.

Arianna - 2016

It is not really the classic dogmatic and serious yoga school. Hari-Om is something very different and strong that deals with professionalism, experience and wisdom the issues of Yoga, without taking itself too seriously! It is exactly what I was looking for as it brought me inside Yoga deeply, emotionally, energetically. Arianna

Student - 2016

Fantastic and in evolution.

Student - 2016

I was very pleased that I chose this school because it provided me a great base to my yoga teaching career.

Student - YTT Costa Rica - 2016

High quality course. Very interesting lectures as well as very good practice of asanas. I'm more than satisfied to attend this course in such a beautiful place. So Grateful.

Mark - YTT Costa Rica - 2016

My name is Mark and I recently completed the YTT200 at Samasati Nature Resort in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. I would like to say that overall, this was a very rewarding experience for me. I am 51 years old and retired from the military. This was a bit of a departure from what I'm used to. I am very open to learning new things and this course did not disappoint. I would recommend this course for anyone wishing to grow and become a better person.

Student - YTT Costa Rica - 2016

The 200hour YTT has been a rewarding and transformational experience. I am so grateful to all the teachers of Hari-Om for their work and their sharings.

Student - YTT Costa Rica - 2016

My training with Hari Om continues to be one of the most life changing experiences of my yoga journey. I completed the 200 HR with Hari Om 2 years ago in Sezzadio, and was thrilled to recently complete the 300 HR training in Puerto Viejo. I appreciate the dedication of the asana practice, the unique conversations during theory lectures, and I love the continued communication I have with the instructors to touch base on technique. I look forward to my next training, or celebration at Bliss Beat festival.

Student - YTT Costa Rica - 2016

Words cannot describe what is received from taking this training. It's a completely different experience then "regular" yoga training. It's a heart felt, soul felt training, which goes much beyond asana's.

Student - YTT Costa Rica - 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed Hari Om Yoga School at Samasati. I thought that Max and June were the perfect balance of instructors to teach us Yoga Teachers in training. June's sensitivity and knowledge about anatomy mixed with Max's life experience, intense practice, and spirituality was just what I was looking for in a yoga school.

Student - YTT Costa Rica - 2016

The whole course was well planned, a lot of information on different topics that gives a general idea of what Yoga is. The course material is great, and the teachers complement each other... Ying and Yang. Samasati is the perfect spot for the purpose, no distractions and very calming venue.

Paola - YTT - 2015

This experience opens your eyes and heart. It awakens from the slumber of everyday life, giving you a glimpse of what we can be capable of. It slaps you for eight hours every day, putting you in front of all the limitations that you placed, both physically and mentally, then realizing that there is no border between the two. You have the option to disconnect, finding the time and methods to discover yourself. We cried and laughed for real, without the limits that arises in daily life. You can really dance like you never did before, as if you were alone, despite the room is full of people. You push yourself hard, to throw off fear, to confront those you are facing till the end of your forces. You are completely in, in class or out, because you understand that the more energy you put, the stronger you will be to face the day. You experience what it's like to have EVERY muscle in the body hurting, being happy and satisfied of it, because you feel more alive than ever. The first days are slow, it seems that time stands still, and you think that it will be a long and heavy way to go. However time passes by quite quickly and you hit the last day, the last practice, with a nostalgia that fills your heart. You watch out of the hall, the last morning before practicing, trying to memorize every detail of the landscape in front of you and then you close your eyes and, once at home, return there, to feel that sense of peace and balance you experienced at Cascina Bellaria. Precious people who, thank heavens, had crossed your path, endless spaces, practices, lessons and priceless teachers who bring laughs, great food and wonderful cook ... all this (and much more) is HARI OM.

Giuliano - YTT Cascina Bellaria Italy - 2015

The teacher training was a continuous discovery and gave me a chance to see different approaches in respect to the personal responses of each teacher to the question "What is yoga." The practice remains the focus of the course, an intense practice can help us regain possession of our body and therefore of ourselves! Thank you. Giuliano.

Frida - YTT Costa Rica - 2015

I started practicing yoga on a regular basis a couple of years ago purely as physical activity. In time, I noticed that not only was I discovering new possibilities in my body but changes in my way of thinking. I started to accept my limits, rediscovering myself and regaining confidence in me. I started to become curious about this new way of conceiving my thoughts and wanted to learn more. Hari Om touched my soul and will always be with me in the path of life. Frida

Student - YTT Costa Rica - 2015

I enjoyed Hari-Om’s yoga teacher training. I liked how it taught many different philosophies, basics of different styles, the differences and similarities between them. It was very interesting to learn all the apects of yoga and not just about the asanas. The teachers were interesting, kind and compassionate. The style, timing, and price were crucial for me and this school fit perfectly into all of my categories. I new from the moment I found it online it was the one for me.

Calin N. - 200HR YTT Costa Rica - 2015

With all the multiple challenges I faced throughout the training compared to other students (new to vegetarian diet, suddenly no wine allowed for me after work, haha, strict discipline, exhausting practice)I left with the overall feeling of clearly meeting my objective and of a work very well done.

I was impressed by the vast experience, in depth knowledge of yoga and teaching skills of the instructors,

I liked the special approach to teaching by using an invigorating blend of hard work, attention to detail and recurrent episodes of fun and jokes to make everything feel lighter, more human, to make students love yoga more than they used to do and for me it worked and I think that is the secret and the big science.

I left the training feeling a better yogi, and aside from the insights received re the asanas technicalities and many other details and knowledge required of a yoga teacher and which surely will still require continuos study, self work and effort to improve and consolidate, I left feeling more in touch with the inner realms, with myself, perhaps a better person, with a better will, more clearly defined personal priorities and certainly better equipped to live a more yoga type of life, to be able to take care of myself, body, soul, spirit and emotion.

And why not, who knows, perhaps one day, in my turn, to also be able to help others start to love or get closer to yoga, get closer to themselves.

Carolyn S. - 200HR YTT Costa Rica - 2015

I had the most extraordinary journey. From the yoga teaching, to the animals in the rainforest and the delicious vegetarian food. It has forced me to consider the choices I was making prior to my YTT. It is a life changing positive experience that will deepen your own practice and point you in the right direction if someday you would like to teach. All the instructors were fantastic! Very knowledgeable and very approachable. If you have the opportunity I would suggest this to anyone even if you don't want to teach there are some great tools to help your own practice! I loved it ! I would not change a thing.

Marilena S. - YTT Cascina Bellaria Italy - 2015

I liked the school and its teaching methods. In particular, I appreciated the variety of techniques coming from the different teachers who gave a broader vision of yoga and on what each of us can give. In Sezzadio, Hari-om head quarter, I grasped the essence of the great project of unity. The topics of the lectures are all interesting and exposed in a simple way. The practice was really enlightening for me thanks to the teachers who guided me through movements I did not know I could do or was afraid of. It has been a growth in all directions. Hari-om is a TOP school... I would do it all tomorrow... my path with Hari OM continues...

Alessia - YTT Cascina Bellaria Italy - 2015

A real life experience that taught me a greater appreciation of myself, of others and the world highly trained and wonderful teachers, efficient organization, simple but full of heart... This is Hari -om! I would do it all over again and I would recommend everyone to take this path. Perhaps not. Perhaps it is such a magical and surreal context that deserves to be experienced only by those who really feel a pull for yoga without dogma and impositions. Simply thank you! 

Mara - YTT Cascina Bellaria Italy - 2015

At some point, my limbic system (I believe this is the right name), would have advised me to run away. Acrobatic yoga, Muay Thai, Osho-style meditations... I'm glad the most advanced part of my brain prevailed. I'm glad I stayed until the end (including the singing of a single mantra!). It was really worth it. Thanks to all of you, my fellow travelers. It has really been a great experience.

Sarah - YTT Costa Rica - 2015

The teacher training has been a deep experience. Sometimes not easy, but really centered and transformative. The priority is given to practice. To Experience. In Yoga, what is not "experimented" in the person cannot be passed onto others. And these 21 days took me into a very different dimension. Now I know what I want to do. The training provided me very valid tools.

Ginamaria Trello (Ener-Gina) - 500HR YTT Costa Rica - 2015

Gina earned her 200 hour certification at Samisati Nature Retreat in Costa Rica 2013 and her 300 hour certification at Hari-Om in Sezzadio, Italy 2014.

The certifications she earned through Hari-Om, has taken her to yoga studios, gyms, colleges, corporate offices as well as community centers and most recently resorts!

Gina had the opportunity to work and is currently the lead yoga instructor at the world famous Brush Creek Ranch in Wyoming, USA. The ranch hosts all levels of students from first timers to advanced yogis. She is grateful for the awesome instruction and one-on-one supervision she was given by all her teachers at Hari-Om, which prepared her for journey as a teacher.

Student - YTT - 2015

The 21 days I spent with Hari-Om yoga school and its instructors changed my life forever.

Raffaella - Residential 200hr 2012

I came with an open heart but hazy intention. I found a teacher and a staff who could respectfully observe my soul and consolidate my intention.

So it grew and finally became part of me.

Hari Om is a great school that can show you the way without imposing its.

I'll see you soon guys to keep walking on this path.

Sally Knopp - 500hr residential course in Costa Rica 2013

What a wonderful experience, with wonderful people! The 500hr program was extremely personally challenging, both physically and mentally... but I knew that it was where I was meant to be. In the end, I'm so glad that I was there. You can't help but grow... body, mind and spirit.

Marcella - Residential 200hr 2012

Yoga... and more
I left my island to go to learn how to be a "good" yoga teacher, and yes, I took home a certificate. I can be a yoga teacher now. For what concerns being a "good" teacher, my path has just started.

I can definitely count on myself as much as I know I can count on all of those who taught me in these 21 days what is yoga not only through the practice.
So I thank myself as I want to learn more and more, but I want to Thank those who with the sweat of the practice made us overcome our fears.

Thank you to those who nurtured our souls during the lessons and lectures even during the ones after lunch when digestion puts you in the rest mode.

Thank you to those who with love (great ingredient) cooked for us amazing food nurturing our bodies.

Thank you to those who took care of our common spaces every day with a smile.

Thank you to those who stated this "journey" with me, my companions for sharing me a part of them.

I believe I can really say that you made me experience yoga in my life.
Thank you from the deepest of my heart.

Sara - Residential 200hr 2012

A part of my heart is still there, where the time stopped for twentyone days. It wasn't only a teacher training course, it was more than that. A big family, new faces, moments of happiness and sometimes a tear. It will be with me forever and closing my eyes I will be there again with you all.

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