Yoga Teacher Trainings Overview

"Hari-Om: the essence of Yoga in the here and now .”

200hr YTT in Italy at Cascina Bellaria

June 2nd - 22nd 2019

June 23rd - July 13th 2019

July 23rd - August 12th 2019

August 12th - September 1st 2019

December 16th 2019 - January 5th 2020

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300hr YTT in Italy at Cascina Bellaria

August 12th - September 8th 2019

August 24th - September 9th 2019 (Mod B RT Camp + Mod A)

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School Founder and Coordinator: Marco Mandrino
Program Director: Emanuela Genesio
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Yoga School certified Yoga Alliance RYS 200 and RYS 300.

Our Yoga Teacher Trainings give participants the opportunity to get both 200hr and 300hr Yoga Certificates.

200 hours and 300 hours Hari-Om Yoga Teacher Training aim to give its students a solid foundation for teaching Yoga and to stimulate participants to find their own personal path among the different and numerous approaches and techniques that exist in the world of Yoga. The professional Teacher Trainings are true Yoga immersions at their finest.

Hari-Om trains the body through a contemporary Yoga practice that integrates elements of Fitness, Animal Flow and Ecstatic Dance to provide teachers with the fundamental tools to obtain a 360° knowledge, while feeding mind/body with Yoga, Zen and Tao philosophy conveyed through a simple and modern language .

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Subscribing to Yoga Alliance

Hari-Om is a school recognized by Yoga Alliance, an international organization.
Students who have earned a 200 or 300 hours diploma with Hari-Om can subscribe to that institution and request a yoga instructor license. Below is how to apply.

The student must apply directly to Yoga Alliance effecting the registration and requesting for a license to the international organization. Such registration can also be made in the years following the graduation.