Susan Ostano, Hari-om Yoga Teacher

I will always remember the first day at University, when the course director told us: "Folks, movement is Life". Surely movement has always been present in my life. I spent my childhood first in South Africa and Botswana and then in the mountains of Biella.

In these different places I had the privilege of experimenting with the freedom of running through meadows and woods, climbing trees, swimming in the ocean. Movement was, and is, the way I can find a space into myself and at the same time feel part of the whole.

A few months after the Degree in Physiotherapy I left for Australia, in need of new challenges. I came across Yoga there and started practicing. Then I traveled to New Zealand and South East Asia, searching in those countries not only new cultures to discover and experience, but also places to practice meditation, asanas and philosophy. Yoga offered me what I was looking for. An inner and external connection. Meeting people with their own personal stories and their ideas.

Back in Italy, in Biella, I started practicing at the Tao Center and at Hari Om in Cascina Bellaria where I graduated as a teacher. My inquisitive nature always pushes me to ask myself new questions, to which I often can not give an answer. But I learned that maybe everything is there. In not having necessarily an answer. Only to enjoy the journey. Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. Approach and reconnect, create space and then fill it in. Just like in Yoga.