JULY 27th - 28th, 2019

Cascina Bellaria, Sezzadio (AL), Italy

Led by: Tiziano Dimattia

Contents of the seminar

Natural movements Training.
Two days to test yourself, in which you will overturn your training and movement idea. Two days spent rediscovering our primordial movements and the basic human skills.The move away from nature led us lost many of our basic movement skills, with implications attacched. Ground movements, crawling, balancing, running, voulting, climbing techniques, lifting and carrying, throwing and catching, fight and proprioceptive games. You will find out how by learning and developing practical skills it's possible to get physical and mental health; developing a well-rounded body conditioning, movement practicality and adaptability with the surrounding environment, mental focus and movement awareness.


Tiziano Dimattia is a Yoga teacher, graduated, associated Hari-Om, and a MovNat certified trainer.

Driven by the need to strengthen the body and to calm the mind, Tiziano started practicing Yoga and Muay Thai, unaware that soon after he would have become addicted to movement in all its forms. He right away fell in love with the yoga practice, love born from the pleasure to find, in the beginning physical and motor skills improvements, then inner improvements, and as time went on the discovery of a space where the free expression of the deepest inner self can take place. Shortly after, he signed up for Hari-Om teacher training, sharing and fully recognizing himself in its integral, undogmatic, multidisciplinary approach.

Passionate about bodyweight training and driven by a continued thirst for movement, he discovered the MovNat system, a fitness method that revolutionized his idea of movement and led him to rediscover the pleasure and the benefits of the contact with nature. Due to an injury, he decided to stop practicing Muay Thai on a regular basis, although the injury was a chance to experience on himself the healing aspects of Yoga and MovNat.

Joviality and discipline are his strong points, not an obsessive discipline, but rather a discipline born from passion that leads to pleasure.

Constantly looking for harmony and fluidity in the movement, he loves to lose himself in that moment in which the body freely and lightly moves, and creates a continuous motion driven by the breath, where the time seems to slow down and the space seems to expand.

Currently Tiziano manages the Sankalpa Yoga Studio and teaches MovNat in Castellana Grotte (BA).


Saturday: from 2.30pm to 5.00pm
Sunday: from 10.00am to 1.00pm


The workshop's cost is: 40 €
It’s possible to stay at Cascina Bellaria. For info on room and rates, please click here.