The lack of responsibility is so viral that reaching the "person in charge" of anything is almost impossible.

Ours are times of dark dis-empowerment. The bureaucracy is an impenetrable wall built specifically to avoid giving grips. Think about when you have a problem with some services. You make the call and whoever answers the phone is never the person in charge with whom you can vent your frustration, rather it is a just "shield".

The lack of responsibility is so viral that reaching the "person in charge" of anything is almost impossible. We live in such a sick country that most of the workers can afford to do FA, to mistreat the customers, who are the ones that pay them indirectly, without risking to be fired as they’d deserve. Just think of when you go around some offices, for example. Still, up to this point it seems a bit of a set of things that are equivalent to accusing the "government" of being responsible. The question I ask you, readers, is this: do you take the responsibilities that compete you? Above all, do you keep the promises you have made with yourself? Taking responsibility means to avoid excuses. Like "I am not doing this thing because this other thing happened", which is one of the most over-used sentences. Then there is also the taking responsibility for difficult decisions. This is also particularly fun. Every time someone has to communicate something unpleasant or to simply say "no, I will not do this" he/she feels obliged to find some excuses that are nothing but an attempt to drop the responsibility of the "no" to someone or something else.

The game I wish to propose you for next week is a revolutionary transformation technique. The first huge step towards responsibility. The game consists simply in avoiding unnecessary excuses with others or with yourself about your actions and decisions. If someone really wanted to play this game it would be great if they could share their experience in some way. Thanks to those who will at least try.

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