Does it make any sense to be tolerant towards intolerance?

As many of you will know, in Belgium, there’s an Islamic party ready to step forward at the next elections and its program foresees the introduction of Sharia (Islamic law) for all. The very same party reassures that they will do it in a “western” way.

In the last few days, the main news is about middle-eastern women threatened or killed by their own family for matters very close to religion. My question is: does it make any sense to be tolerant towards intolerance? Is it really a fascist thing to perceive the wave of immigration in Italy and Europe as a dangerous cultural colonization? It’s really easy to label those who do as “fascist” and “racist” and dismiss the whole thing. Paradoxically, the more tolerant are the ones who risk to be most affected by such cultural colonization. Is there someone out there who still believes that those trying to cross the border to Italy will become an eager supporter of freedom, after years of living under strict regimes? I really don’t believe it and wish that all Europe and Italy first, would do anything in their power to stop or at least put a restraint to it.

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