Finally! After a brief, frantic and frenetic rush, Yoga is dead. 

Not officially, of course, but in the short span of a generation, one of the greatest heritage of human knowledge, from Spiritual path, esoteric discipline, New Age practice, Wellness and Fitness exercise, turned eventually into a dead entity. The name is still there and omnipresent as never before, like a takeaway container, the substance consumed and gulped in a blip, the containers spread allover and almost impossible to get rid of.

Is well known that things change quickly, in the West and nowadays also in the East, consumed, digested and regurgitated in the blink of an eye.

In the “shallow seas” regimenting our modern world it seems that even the “Yogic depth” got stranded, like an agonizing whale inexorably run aground with the only, even if whimsical consolation, of not departing alone, but sharing death with billions of lost souls in the meanders of the book of faces, instant photograms and virtual tweets.

But who knows! Perhaps something will be left on some hidden corner and yet unreachable by the omniscient drones, like an Arabian Phoenix ready to rise from the ashes, not in 2000 years, but soon…

Today Yoga is dead, no one knows about the morrow… Hails to Yoga!

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