A guy whom I am not sure he ever really existed, said, or someone made him say: "Whoever is without sin cast the first stone".

Human beings love conflict, even the most pacifist among us and often more them than others. They cannot do without it. I come across paladins of equality, welcome, peace and goodwill who do not miss an opportunity to express hate and coldness. I give you practical examples. I am personally against hunting, against immigration and I am racist towards those who listen to Kerry Katona. However, when I meet a human being who hunts as a hobby I treat him with kindness and don’t allow my ideas and prejudices to affect the human relationship that I have and I may have with him.

If I deal with an "immigrant" I do not feel superior, I know that probably in his shoes I would try to go to a place where life is perhaps better, I know that we could be friends even though if it was up to me the immigrant would not be here . With Kerry Katona fans, I still struggle to accept them, I admit it, but I try to understand them because in spite of everything they may have other qualities. I noticed, for example, that most of the anti-fascists militants are far more fascists than the fascists themselves. I'm not saying that we should accept and love everything. When I see a hunter ready to kill for fun a living being that compared to him is defenceless, I would kick his ass, but then again I may struck a friendship with the same person or at least be nice because in the end we all have good and bad in us. A guy whom I am not sure he ever really existed, said, or someone made him say: "Whoever is without sin cast the first stone". I know I'm a "sinner": I'm the first to question what I think and say and I have often thought stupid stuff and I will do it again, however, I do not discriminate human beings based on what they think, simply because I'm interested only exclusively how they behave, the kindness they express through what they are.

Everything is what it is but it’s also the opposite. Travelling through the US in the more "ignorant" states where citizens voted mostlyTrump, people are infinitely easier and gentler on average than in progressive states where you come across many more educated, sophisticated people with a beautiful fake smile on their faces. In Italy, those who are financially stable, live a life in comfortable situations in residential areas and often have very progressive ideas that fall miserably just when they have to deal with a human being in flesh and blood who is real and does not simply live in their head. In the end everyone should be able to express their opinion, as I am doing, but then the real test is what makes us better beings and that thing is kindness, the attempt to put ourselves into the other's shoes that is compassion, giving at least a possibility for everyone beyond the prejudices we all have.

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