Among human beings there’s always been someone more sensitive, more acute, more wise, perhaps more far-fetched, but nonetheless ahead of time.

In the far past, such beings were referred as Rishi and later on as Mystics, Visionaries, some viewed as specially gifted Poets or Philosophers and in more recent times referred as true Spiritual Masters or considered as “extremely” gifted Scientists.

The unusual genius of such beings has been mainly the uncanny capability of reading things beyond theirs illusory appearance, using some imagination and thinking out-of-the-box.

In spite of themselves, they have undoubtedly been the inspirers of many of the most popular, trendy, secular, religious or political movements, the paradox being that by doing so, they have been boxed, labeled and diminished under a false flag of a certain color purposely representing some sort of vested partiality.

It’s hard to explain why those great ideas and insights rather than surfing high in the crest of consciousness have been ballasted down and more than often sunk to the dark depths of murky and muddy waters.

As there are rare geniuses, so there are few truly deficient idiots.
The majority of humanity appears to be made of mind-sounded individuals capable of reasoning and of showing enough resources and creativity in order not only to survive in a demanding environment, but also to overcome adversity, to progress and ameliorate.

The logical and legitimate question would then be why, when someone ahead of us already foreseen and laid out the course of a freeway, one would add curves, barriers or unnecessary pay-tolls to such a highway?
Why would someone read only partially the entire thinking process effort of Nietzsche, compartmentalize it and only use the short section of the highway running in the shade of the mountains instead than go all the way to the sunny side and beyond?
Why would someone retake the revolutionary and equalitarian insights of Jesus for a smooth ride and complicate the highway by setting up absurd rules like no driving till noon on Sundays, or no eating fish and Driving on Fridays, or no marrying and driving?
Why would someone disparage the genial, grandiose and enlightening Relativistic Theory of Einstein by claiming that land from the Po River to the Alps is green, pious, righteous, fertile and flat while the rest of the universe is just an amorphous and disorderedly black hole?

It is hard to find an answer without entering an intricate and labyrinthine socio-psycho-economic-political or religious field where their proponents got inevitably trapped and lost in its own inextricable meanders.

My humble guess is that even in the mind of the average human, there is not stupidity, but rather a kind of laziness enforcing too many pit-stops, thus fragmenting the highway and making it look like separate pieces of road instead than a long, but smooth and free journey.

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