I experiment on myself testing different types of trainings, different eating habits and life styles.

Of course, everyone’s body is in constant change just as everyone has a truly unique life. This is why I don’t claim that whatever works for me may work for everyone else, I just want to share my training routine that’s giving me a great deal of satisfaction, at least in this moment.

I hope it may inspire you to create your own personal one:

- Every morning I take a cold shower and, at least twice a week, I take a cold bath (water temperature between 7°/10° C) laying for about 6-7 minutes straight after getting out of the sauna;
- 20 minutes of morning meditation, seated;
- Diet consists of very little gluten, loads of fruit and vegetables, eggs, occasionally some fish, rice favouring fruit in the morning, eggs and raw veggies for lunch and the rest in the evening;

- I train every day for one hour or one hour and half at most and only when doing yoga, starting between 5 or 6pm as follows:

  • Monday: Functional Training with props (weights, rope, box, kettlebells ecc) (SWT Style)
  • Tuesday: Kick Boxing training (SWT)
  • Wednesday: Yoga
  • Thursday: Functional Training without props, focusing on free movements, balance and so on (RTC)
  • Friday: Kick Boxing training (SWT)
  • Saturday: Functional Training with and without props (RTC e SWT Style)
  • Sunday: I go for a 5 mile run

And of course, another very important aspect of my well-being is being able to drink a superior quality beer every day (ELAV!).

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