I would definitely advise the Yogis and Yoginis, as well as the Yogis and Yoginis to be, to make love as much as possible before tackling the mat.

Only a few days ago, Yoga Alliance released a bulletin describing the “Yoga Alliance Sexual Misconduct Policy” in which Parameters, possible Actions and Disciplinary Proceeding are listed in order to counteract sexual abuses, perversions and behaviors affecting the Yoga Community.

Nothing new under the sun.

Such things happened in the past and still occurs.

In spite of the apparent goal of Yoga aimed to transcend the phenomena, Classical Indian Yoga exacerbated it and modern Western Yoga, Yogis and Yoginis, either following such Classical infamous path, or because subjected to obsolete Religious conditionings, didn’t do much better.

Unfortunately the steps suggested by YA seem to address more the symptoms (not very much in tune with the basic/holistic Classic Yoga and Ayurveda teaching!!!…ah!ah!ah!…), than addressing the real issue, which, let’s face it! It’s nothing else but sexual repression, definitely originated somewhere in hour past history and perpetuated by classical Yoga, Religions and the so called “Modern Yoga”.

By risking of falling into some sort of putrid rhetoric, I would definitely advise the Yogis and Yoginis, as well as the Yogis and Yoginis to be, to make love as much as possible before tackling the mat, I would advise to choose making love first instead than Yoga, so that in the room the issue may be possibly out of the way.
I would advise Teachers and Students to do something, to risk, even retake literally the message of the ancient ingenuous Hippies, “Make Love not War”, if necessary, so the air in the room can be truly “Sattvic”.

Actually, the purpose of this script was not about analyzing the reasons and the whys of such a low-grade behavior marring the Yoga Community, it was, and actually is about Hope.

I guess Hari-Om Yoga School is not immune from such possible deviances, but I cheer the School because it allows and invites the teachers, and hopefully the students, to be true, honest, no-nonsense, and share plainly what’s human nature.

Sex-drive derived by sexual energy is very powerful; probably one of the most straightforward forms of human energy just because nature calls, nature wants to perpetuate the species and no matter what, it goes for it.
Let’s look at animals, they got no problems about it, but of course the human being is not an animal, it has a mind, even though the animal instinct seems too often prevailing against that “beautiful mind”.

But isn’t Yoga about discovering the “Divine” in the human being and transcending those animal instincts? Isn’t Yoga, especially Classical Yoga, Raja Yoga, the Yoga of Patanjali about harnessing and transforming that devious/beautiful Mind into something uplifting?

Perhaps I misread and misunderstood all the purposes, but then let’s follow the steps according to Patanjali: first sex, then Asana, then Meditation and then, hopefully, Super-consciousness.

... and if we are very, very smart, let’s go for all of it, and not necessarily in the Patanjali order...there is hope!!!

Love, Sex, Meditation, Beer and Rock&Roll… Samadhi.

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