I am quite sure when I claim that Islam and my own values are extremely incompatible. What about your values then?

The most talked about BS of the day is Salvini stating that Islam is not compatible with our own values.
I should start by saying that, to me, the word “intelligent” and Salvini in the same sentence is a real oxymoron. However, politicians, especially as election day approaches, are so used to talk so much BS that, even were it only for statistics, they are bound to say something that I might agree with, I am quite sure when I claim that Islam and my own values are extremely incompatible. What about your values then?

I add that unfortunately, a good part of the migrants are carriers of a culture, often Islamic but not only, that does not enrich but rather brings us back to the Middle Ages. I add that most of those who do not see the problem are blind and mostly live in comfortable and privileged conditions and can allow themselves to be good-doers because now the problem only touches them vaguely. Obviously, the first to be oppressed by Islam are Muslims and to put it bluntly, no thanks I would prefer not to have them as neighbours.
Those who keep repeating that we should help them "in their own home" is talking without thinking because before being "helped" they should be "freed", something much more difficult and complex because in helping before freeing you are at risk of helping someone who sooner or later could kick us in the ass in a big way. I end with a reflection a bit 'more complex and that should not end up in the cauldron of anti-immigration.
The question I ask myself is this: "Is the Christian religion compatible with my values?" The answer is absolutely not, it is not more compatible than the Islamic one. The Christian religion is tolerable to me because of the fact that it has suffered a greater secularization rate than the Islamic one and is a minor or less coarse influence on its followers. The last question is this: "Does all this make me an intolerant?" Even if it seems like a sophistry nuance, I consider myself "impossible to conform" in the sense that I do not adapt or try to change but I do not give up and persevere so, at least superficially I tolerate.

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