I know it sounds ridiculous, the problem is that some people really do believe it.

The news of the day is that Bishops are scolding the Italian politicians (not that they shouldn’t be scolded) with the anthem “Stop promising miracles!” I wonder if they really had to come up with such a paradoxical motto. Are they scared someone would steal their job? Bishops as well as priests of any religion or New Age sects live and thrive on promising miracles. The Catholic Church states that by behaving in a certain way on Earth, when the big Day of Judgment arrives, after a mass resurrection, we will find ourselves before the Father and some of us are going to be deemed fit to be at his side in Heaven while others, the naughty ones, will go to Hell.

I know it sounds ridiculous, the problem is that some people really do believe it. If we take a closer look to our Muslim cousins, they are told, among many other nonsense, that, if they restrain from sexual activity during life on Earth, once dead, they will get to their own Heaven and find plenty of available women. They are definitely forward in terms of paradoxes! If you browse any Yoga magazine, you are bound to come across some articles stating that if you do five random asanas, you will sleep better and that your guide animal, found in a big shiny cave, once you’ve completed the sequence and closed your eyes, will lead you straight into the arms of your beloved. I could go on forever the weird stuff is never enough! Actually, in spite of politicians making promises that they will never be able to keep, they are still more reliable and logical than their Bishop friends. Hence, what can we expect from a population who’s more inclined to believe the former but not the latters?

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