(by "Me cago en el amor" by Tonino Carotone)

Without a desire the diagram that oscillates between between happiness and disappointment is mostly flat.

What does it mean to "be happy"? The word is a label that points to a state of mind, a superficial shadow that everyone customizes in its own way. As commonly understood, happiness is an impermanent state linked to the fulfillment of a mental and physical desire. In this sense, being happy is opposed to unhappiness (the failure to reach the object desidered) and to some anxiety when we are committed to achieving it. The Indians, not the Native Americans, generally solve the problem with the dehumanizing attempt to eliminate the desire.

Without a desire the diagram that oscillates between between happiness and disappointment is mostly flat. Of course, we - rocker-yogis - are opposed to any kind of dreariness and we love the roller coaster so we tend to a different solution. A different approach could be to avoid giving too much importance to the happy / unhappy swing. This swing is part of life especially in complex beings as humans. My personal attempt is to live in a state of basic simplicity. This state is lived when you are in tune with the present moment in such a simple way that it is even hard to explain. It acts on the basis of an intuitive feeling where thought exists but is not always the protagonist. Thoughts seek, pursue, create ghosts, stories and illusions. We rocker-yogi do not try to stop all of this, we like all of life and do not want to decrease it. We live it like a movie that excites us, that is part of us, but in the end we act without taking it too much into account, mostly driven by the most basic emotions. In this non-mental simplicity the flow of thought slows down, but this is not an objective, rather is it just a consequence of not taking it too much into consideration. So, we rocker-yogi of happiness, we do not care. We like the clouds as much as the sun, the cold as the heat, happiness and sadness. If you ask me what happiness is for me today, I can say it is to see the person I love to smile; and the sadness is to be away from her.

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