"Since you are a vegetarian, I've cooked some pasta with turnip greens" ... "Mmmm, that sounds good!! So, you haven’t used anchovies, have you? "..." yes, but just a little!!! ".

I chose to become a vegetarian about four months ago. During one of my night marathons based on books and documentaries on ecology, nature and nutrition, I made the decision to stop eating animal meat. It was a choice of consistency. I cannot call myself a carnivore as I would never dare hunting in order to eat meat (I do not consider passing by the meat counter a real). I cannot take care and share my living space with cats, dogs, rabbits, and then feed myself on the their flesh just because I asked myself the question: Where does the food I eat come from? It was therefore a consistency decision more than anything else. I have set aside for a moment all ethical or healthy reflection, and I based it on consistency. And I chose. But never a decision I made in my entire life was more wrong. From that moment my life changed forever. So I decided to warn about the risks of such a decision.

1 - Do not become vegetarian because you will never find a valid reason for others

Unless you want to spend the rest of your days in your house, you know that when you say to the world that you are vegetarian (unfortunately, sooner or later, you will be forced to say it) the rest of the world is going to ask you” why ????? ". At that point you should have a valid answer ... and when I say good I do not mean good for you, but good for the world. Otherwise the world will welcome your answer with the classic "ahhhh ahhhhh", typical of the man who is thinking "ok, we have lost him." Let me land you a hand: my response was consistency ... but it did not work. Believe me, try something else.

2 - Do not become vegetarian because the animal world you knew will be shocked
After the above mentioned "ahhh ahhhh" the world will still accept you, it will look at you with the same faulse compassion reserved to a Syrian refugee, but it will accept you. Because, after all, the world loves you, the world is magnanimous and wants to understand more. And there comes the second question: "do eat fish, at least?!?!" (Now ... I never liked fish, even by carnivore ... but this question always makes me smile). Yes, it seems that fish is a vegetable ... well in fact if you think about it, there is seafood, the so-called “fruits of the sea”, so it makes sense.
However, we know that this is the funniest part. It also happens to hear somebody saying that fish has no soul, therefore therefore it can also be eaten by vegetarians. There were some who tried to convince me that I could eat snails because they are part of the "fishing" sector. I'll spare you the fanciful theory of farm animals grown to be eaten (so there is nothing wrong with eating them). You will see, it will be a hoot.

3 - Do not become vegetarian because you will soon discover
that there will be nothing left that you can eat
After your overwhelming response on fish, the world will feel crowded out and will react with the most trivial questions "so, what do you eat?". In fact the world is not really interested in knowing how you thought about building your new eating habits. The world has another problem: when invited out, which restaurant is going to fit your needs? Or even worse, what absurd magic potion is something supposed to prepare if you are invited at home for dinner?
This is what most concerns the world. Because you know that preparing a pesto pasta is by far more difficult than preparing a steak. Washing and cutting some vegetables and offer them raw, is an activity that only the big star chefs can afford.

4 - Do not become vegetarian because even weights and measures will no longer have the same meaning
"Since you are a vegetarian, I've cooked some pasta with turnip greens" ... "Mmmm, that sounds good!! So, you haven’t used anchovies, have you? "..." ............... (Twenty endless seconds of silence) ...... yes, but just a little!!! ".
Be aware that "little" means you eat anything, as “little” is nothing. It is a kind of decriminalization of the carnivore offense. Let’s put it another way. Try to think of domestic violence: if a father beats his wife and children just a few times, then it's fine, he is not committing any crime.

5 - Do not become vegetarian because the next step might be becoming alcoholics
Well yes. At this point, the world will be confused, dazed and a bit disappointed. The world is going to provoke you with other questions. Want an example? "Do not tell me that do not drink wine as well!?". In no time, you'll find yourself registered to the anonymous alcoholics because, in an attempt to please the world, you will be have even drunk the water of you radiator and the antifreeze in your car.

6 - Do not become vegetarian because it will be so much a fad
The fact that other people before you, people definitely more known than you (to name a few: Umberto Veronesi, Margherita Hack, Paola Maugeri), have disclosed and sponsored a food choice like this will void your decision to a mere act of emulation. It will just be a fashion, like the “paninari” in the ‘90 or the most recent “risvoltini”.
You have just to wait for the arrival of a new trend to see you again biting into a bloody steak or throwing you headlong on a platter of salami.

7 - Do not become vegetarian because you could not help the world
I am sure that this issue will definitely convince you not to becoming vegetarian. I like the idea of ​​helping the world, my neighbor. No striking gesture, but little everyday things. Since I became a vegetarian, though, I cannot offer all the help that the world needs. And I assure you that it's frustrating. Just a few days ago I received a call for help that I have not been able to meet. "Please help me! I was given an entire salami which I cannot finish by myself! Come on help me! ". Boys, it is tough. It's hard to face a person who is asking you for help, and telling “I'm sorry but I cannot." I saw contempt in his eyes. The same contempt as the one proven by people selling roses in restaurants when you ignore them, or the people washing glasses at traffic lights while you keep going forward to prevent them from washing your car.

It is not true that you cannot, the truth is that you do not want and they know it well.

Now that you have read everything ... Did I manage to convince you not to become a vegetarian?

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