Photo: Deborah Bencini.

The real ignorance, though, is not understanding that Yoga is a means, not an endpoint and should not be idolized, but used.

The best time of this year’s festival has been with no doubt the Fleshtones concert. Like the music or not, but what they did on Sunday evening on the Main Stage was phenomenal. Unfortunately, most people believe that knowledge is all about learning some techniques. They put their effort in becoming good Yoga practitioners, make handstands and acrobatic poses, sit still for long periods of time, or study books and texts. The real ignorance, though, is not understanding that Yoga is a means, not an endpoint and should not be idolized, but used. 

bliss internoThe Fleshtones could be considered anti-Yoga. They are in between 60 and 65 years old. They have spent the last 40 years playing around, which means: hours on a minibus, getting to a place, downloading tools and equipment, drinking, soundchecking, drinking and dining, playing a concert, disassembling and recharging everything, drinking, sleeping all together, waking up in the morning, and leaving for the next place. First thing, alcohol and the like does not seem to be so bad. Fleshtones have more vitality and energy than most Yoga practitioners of all ages. They have more ability to adapt and do not complain. You see them enjoy every second with a satisfied look and when they get on stage - they do it about 100-150 days a year - it always seems the first time and they enjoy themselves. In the morning the bassist asked me if we had fun the day before because they had had a lot of fun. One of our teachers, Federica Saguatti, summarized it in a few words the day after the Fleshtones’ concert: it should be part of a Yoga training because in those 2 hours there was everyghing that really needed to be. I do agree! But modern human beings are ignorant and spend a lot of time creating theories, telling stories instead of being present and rejoicing. I'm trying hard to accept this, simply accepting that the human being prefers to fill his life with shit rather than decide to live. Those few who understand what I am saying can only say thank you for being alive because without you the world would be a desolate land.


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