We have many habits and very often we are not 100% in what we do, we cannot stay out of our "comfort zone".

As soon as I have come back from the last 4 days of the Hari-Om Teacher Training, I have had a thought: making new experiences allows me to live longer. Let me explain why. We have many habits and very often we are not 100% in what we do, we cannot stay out of our "comfort zone". For example, practising yoga or functional training with Marco Mandrino (if you survive) allows you to get rid of the ego, to let yourself go, to let everything go - sweat, tears, blood, but also determination, joy - because this is what happens when you beyond your limits.

It always happens with we test ourselves, be it a yoga class, an adventure trip to Thailand, a motorcycle ride on the coast, dancing at a Gigi d'Alessio concert. Everything brings you out of what is the routine. But why would this let us live longer?
Each time, we get out of our 'comfort zone', we start living real experiences, we know people. During this time, it seems that everything is dilated, because it is so!!! My 4 days retreat actually were not four, but at least ten. Why!? Simple, we store information, we live and have stories to tell! Let me make an example: Let's say last year you had a two-week trip to California, fine today if you ask something about those days you still have a thousand memories and stories to tell, if, instead, I ask you to tell me something about what you has happened in the last two weeks? What would you tell me?!? Did the days in California have the same duration of the week at home !? The two weeks in California did not have the same specific weight as those at home. The point is that not all of the time is the same, if you start practicing, traveling, getting drunk (this deserves a new article), time expands. That’s how we can live longer: did not you know that time is relative?!? Be open to everything that is new and give your time the quality it deserves.
In two words, feel alive.

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