10 QUESTIONS TO: Marco Mandrino

a) Describe yourself in 100 words

A male human being who wants to live a simple and trivial life full of passion, emotion, and storm surges - with the discipline of a samurai, the lightness of a hippie and the calm of a Zen master.


1. Number of years you have been practicing yoga: probably about twenty

2. What is your personal mantra (whatever it is): Today Nebraska by Bruce Springsteen and Chicago by Sufjan Stevens

3. Preferred asana: any position with a view that is lost in the eyes of someone I love.

4. My teachers, my inspiring muses: No teacher, millions of people inspiring me. Among those who inspired me, I want to remember Bruce Lee, Nietzsche and Leonidas by the movie "300".

5. The food that gives me energy: Hemp protein powder

6. In yoga, it is crucial: Try your best not to taking yourself too seriously.

7. The best thing about teaching: Having to deal with others.

8. The most difficult part of teaching: Having to deal with others.

9. One thing that makes me laugh: Surprising myself by saying something that I really seem to believe.

10. I would like to be reborn as: Marco Mandrino grappling with another life. But as I will live this one until I am 130 years old, the other can be expected.

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