The quadrupeds, ground movements, crawling, are the foundations of human movement. These movements are the first that the child acquires, then learns to climb to an upright position, and finally learns to walk. With evolution, we have built around us an increasingly comfortable and "easy" environment, which rarely leads us to lower our center of gravity and to use hands or other parts of the body to move in space. Usually, after childhood, these basic motor patterns are completely abandoned, but there are many practical situations in which to use quadrupeds it is necessary, such as passing under an obstacle, to lower the impact of a jump In the landing phase, or lower the center of gravity and maintain balance when the surface is steep or slippery, etc.
Performing these movements smoothly, requires a good level of coordination of the whole body and is a great way to restore the ability to move the upper body in relation to the lower body, thus bringing more harmony in the movements and body. Quadrupeds are a great way to develop motor control and core strenght. They strengthen the entire body, from the fingers to the toes, improve posture and diaphragmatic breathing and are also adaptable to any level of athletic preparation and required intensity.

Well, what do you say, are you going to crawl with us? PaleoTraining

alessandra quattordio