In this era of specializations and divisions aimed at making the human being a little ignorant tool, I would like to spend a few lines to swim against the tide. The intent of our school today is to oppose ignorance and division. Remain a bulwark, a haven where to meet other people who do not agree (with the system). On the one hand,we do it by promoting a diversified and integrated physical practice without forgetting the importance of Kulture. Not only  the physical culture but also the old and mistreated Kulture.

The human being is physically and mentally educated. It's very likely thatt the same person knows how to do yogic positions and run the hundred meters without looking too ridiculous but also, he/she knows how to sturcture a grammatically sound sentence, incredibly gets to read some novel every now and then , listen to music a little more sphisticated than trap or Peter Andrè and is even able to distinguish  a good wine. If said human can also speak with a minimum of irony and without being boring you may be about to orgasm. Things like that should be the norm yet they look like science fiction.

To be "normal" it is now necessary to cultivate this normality in a subnormal society. Italy is sinking as never before and the only way to do something about itis to sow culture seeds, cultivating oneself as complete human beings and creating small communities of resistance that do likewise. Anyone who wants to join in this joyful and hopeless venture is more than welcome. 

alessandra quattordio